Top Fun Date Ideas that Every Couple Should Try Out

by Trevor Rocious

Quality time is one of the love languages of almost everyone in a relationship. It is always lovely to spend quality time alone with your lover - but do you have an idea how? Or have you exhausted the options available, and you are looking for new ones? I have a few ideas for you to try out - they are fun! The real essence of going on dates and doing things together is intimacy. You could also spice up your relationship with these fun date ideas I am about to tell you.

Top Exciting Date Ideas for Couples

Here is a list of 25 fun date ideas that every couple should try out. You could have tried some of them already. However, there are others to give you more perspective.

Go on Adventures

One out of the most exciting things you could do with your partner is to go on adventures. It is a perfect way of creating memories, as you tour places you have never been before. You could plan the adventure alone (as a surprise) or decide to register with any agency that specializes in planning tours and experiences for couples. Also, you could set the terms on how you want to have fun, i.e., the number of days, type of meals, and so on.

Adventures are fun, usually, but with the person you love, it is magic! During your time with your partner, make sure you focus on "you" and avoid social distractions.

Go on Adventures
Go on Adventures

And for couples who prefer staying in, take the adventure online with online casinos; especially when you have a code for a deposit bonus.

Ride a Bike Together

Another romantic idea for you and your partner is riding a bike. It is so sweet when two people in love are all alone with their bikes cruising around. You could decide to ride the bike within your jurisdiction or try somewhere else - somewhere safe. This sport has a way of connecting two hearts better. It even helps to improve individual speed, activeness, and strength.

Also, to make it more fun, there are couples' bike tournaments that you two could team up for. With that kind of competition, each of you learns more about teamwork and trust. Pick a weekend for this fun date and try with your partner.

Tour Restaurants

Most couples don't know that touring restaurants together is one of the most romantic things they could do. You could try out different restaurants as much as possible to know who serves the best meals or the best kind of dish. There is nothing serious about trying out different meals in various places, only that you know where they serve a particular meal for a specific occasion.

With restaurant tours, you know where to go for your casual meals, formal dates, and all that. Before then, work a schedule on places you would like to visit and try their meals. You don't know how much you are missing out on the fun until you try this with your partner.

Tour Restaurants
Tour Restaurants

Make Dishes

Are you that kind of couple that would rather keep things low-key? Well, you could try something inexpensive and still enhance connection - making dishes. Most times, one partner stays in the kitchen cooking while the other does something else - that's so unromantic! You need to be there for yourselves, especially when there are no kids yet. Even if you have kids, you could send them off somewhere else in the house, so that both of you can have the best time to yourselves.

The aim of making dishes together is to foster teamwork and help each other physically, as well as emotionally. You could choose a favorite meal to cook separately or together and end it with some great wine and candles.

Go on a Picnic

Like going on adventures, picnics are another great way of spending quality time with your partner. It doesn't have to be exotic or extravagant - something simple yet fun. You could plan this picnic alone or with friends and their lovers (the latter is common). Choose a particular location or spot with great scenery around you and set your stuff around.

Before you go on any picnic, ensure you are appropriately dressed for it, i.e., put on something casual. You could decide to wear something similar, so it sets you in the mood for a great picnic. Also, you need a basket of items, like food, fruits, games, and so on, to make it even more fun.

Go on a Picnic
Go on a Picnic

One of the fanciest places you could create memories with your lover is in an Art Gallery. Here, you will see a lot of artworks by different people that speak different tales. Some Art Galleries have a lover's section where each art describes anything about love, relationship, togetherness, and so on. While you are learning, you are getting to know each other better.

In Art Galleries, you may be allowed to take pictures or not; however, make sure every moment you spend with your partner counts. When you are done here, you could spend the rest of the day talking about each artwork and how they strike something about your past. You will be surprised by what you will discover about each other.

Visit a Museum

Aside from an Art Gallery, a Museum is also another cool, fun date place to visit. Although you may have found something similar in the gallery, a Museum still makes a lot of sense. For lovers who do not fancy arts, a museum should do the trick. Here, you will find a lot of artifacts that give a brief description of the past. You two may be shocked to find out that what you were taught in middle school exists.

From there, you could start talking about experiences in school and how you were in trouble with different teachers/tutors. Some museums could allow you to take pictures of yourself with various artifacts; hence, you are creating memories.

Host a Game Night

If you enjoyed game nights while you were single, then don't you think it is high time you tried it out with your partner and friends? Game night is always fun because there are no limits to the number of games you can play. Take it as a date where you play all kinds of games. For instance, spades and charades are prevalent in most game nights where people pick themselves in twos; thus, it fosters teamwork.

If you are reading this, it would be nice if you hosted a game night, so you enjoy every bit of it. Besides, every game night has a menu - food, snacks, or drinks. It is indeed fun.

Do Karaoke

Who is the horrible singer between you two? Find out when you and your partner try out Karaoke. It is one of the simplest things to do for fun with someone you love. All you need to do is find a place where they have a Karaoke bar and choose a song to sing. You could sing together or apart; the whole essence is for you to have fun and sing yourself out. Sometimes, it looks embarrassing, but at that moment, it isn't. Instead, you two are lost in each other's worlds, serenading some of your favorite songs to each other. Try out Karaoke and find out who knows the most songs and sings the best.

Do Karaoke
Do Karaoke

Play Video Games

It doesn't matter who plays video games well or not; they are another perfect way to spend time with someone - your partner in this case. There are several sorts of video games that are multiplayer - for instance, soccer, mortal kombat, car race, etc. You could either play them indoor or outdoor, depending on what you guys prefer.

Many times, indoor works fine for couples because it gives you all the time in the world to bond and to tease each other. Also, you are not limited by anything around (like a fee for each game round) you. What you need is a game box and consoles to get started at home. Placing a wager makes it even more exciting.

Visit an Amusement Park

Do you want your heart racing? Visit an amusement park with your partner and spend the whole day doing a lot of exciting things. In the park, there are roller coasters, ferry wheels, and other heart-racing activities to pass the time together. Although it may seem scary, daring each other to do certain things is one of the happiest things in a relationship. Don't be surprised that there will be a lot of screaming, especially on roller coasters. If you have tried out all that is available, you could stick around and take popsicles or ice cream. End the day by telling each other stories - about your childhood or how you got lost in a park.

Go to a Beach

Usually, when you go to a beach, you will find a lot of people in different numbers, having fun. A beach date is not also a bad idea for every couple because you are about to see life from another perspective and have fun at the same time. As usual, no one goes formally dressed to a beach; try to get something comfortable together before you set out. Also, both of you could pack a few things to take, like snacks and drinks to relax with under a beach tent. Watch the tides as they flow and tell each other stories about how you thought mermaids were real while growing up.

Visit a Casino/Go Bowling

Not many will subscribe to this, but visiting a casino is also another fun date idea. It doesn't matter whether you gamble or not; the main thing is to spend quality time playing different casino games. You could be lucky to win something for yourself, eventually. In a casino, there are hundreds of tables you and your partner could pick to compete with other people present. It is indeed an exciting experience. It could be your one shot to be a gambler for once.

If casinos aren't your thing, bowling should do. Unlike casinos, bowling is quite easy, since it involves hitting bottles with balls. It brings back an old-school vibe.

Do a Snack Spree

Another funny thing you could try out on a date with your partner is a snack spree. It's not about being gluttony, but trying out different snacks from different bakery or cake shops is a great idea. Pick a few places that you will love to visit with your lover and schedule a time for it. Finally, try out these places, and later, you two should give honest reviews of the places visited and their snacks.

If you aren't a fan of snacks, you could try other things out that feel almost the same way. Besides, the whole point is not in what you eat but what you do and agree on.

Visit the Cinema/Theater

Wouldn't you love to see your favorite romantic or action movie with your lover? There are two ways you could try this out - do a drive-in or watch in a cinema. Regardless of your choice, it is a great way to go. Funnily enough, other couples could be in the cinema or drive-in, creating memories like you two are.

Wonderfully, both ways, i.e., cinema or drive-in, allow you to take edibles, so you don't stay hungry during the movie. Most times, popcorn & soda are the highlight of the day. Are you looking for the best time to go? Try to go at night; it is more fun watching movies through the night than the daytime.

Buy Tickets to Concerts

Listening to songs from your all-time favorite artistes at a concert has got to be one of the best romantic gestures. This date idea works best if you two are great fans of a particular artiste, and either of you's dying wish is to attend one concert with a loved one. Get two tickets to this concert and have fun all day or night.

Romantic concerts are at their best because you are privileged to serenade your way into each other's hearts. However, there is no going to a show without proper plans being made. Also, you may want to consider getting VIP tickets, so you two get to feel the heat more than anyone else.

Book Competition

Who says you can't learn when you two are together? Although most people may not consider this date idea for those that love to learn and read books, this here is a good idea. Generally, you are both testing your knowledge on who knows the most facts and reads the most books. There is no reward for being too knowledgeable; however, it gives you a perception of what kind of person you want to date, or you are dating.

Even though couples don't always consider this, you should try it sometimes. Any day of the week is fine for a book competition - you could get side dishes alongside.

Play Trivia Games

Like the book competition, you could play trivia games for fun. These trivia games test your knowledge on all kinds of things and impart you with some. Mostly, couples either play trivia online together or apart. For instance, a team-play means you both have to agree and decide on what questions are right or wrong. On the other hand, a single play means two of you will be answering questions independently - points are calculated.

There are several kinds of trivia games online, and some include: "How well do you know your partner?" "20 Questions with Your Partner," and so on. Most of these games are web-based or app-based for your convenience.


You may have seen from a lot of romantic movies that stargazing is a great idea for couples. It is a perfect way of spending time with your partner; you two are there, looking right into the sky and enjoying the ambiance. In the process, you could tell each other unbelievable stories of what you thought stars were when you were little.

Before you get started, make sure to get a book on constellations and a telescope. While stargazing, you could name each star by things they remind you of. Also, you could profess your love to each other - tell yourselves what and how you feel. End the night with great kisses and warm hugs.

Attend a Festival

For two lovers living in the same city, you could try something else - fun, like attending a festival in another city. It is one of the best ways to bond with people because you get to spend more time together and share experiences. Although there will be people around, you two will be up in your world. Make sure you are adequately packed for the festival before you set out on the journey.

Dinner Cruise

Why not take dinner with your partner a little further? Try something called the Dinner Cruise - where you have dinner somewhere on a boat. You may not be able to do this alone; you need help from experts. There are quite a few agencies that help in planning a dinner cruise with your loved ones - you could book a spot with them.

Have some of your favorite delicacies on the boat with slow music following through to make the night. For about an hour or two, you should enjoy the quality time spent with your lover. Indeed, it is one of the brightest dinner date ideas.

Go on Trips

Kind of cliché, but trips are exciting ways to make you and your lover happy. Plan trips to places you both hope to visit someday. It could be a getaway weekend to sites within or outside your jurisdiction - somewhere you would be creating memories. For instance, try out a travel agency if you want to go outside your city - they are the best to prepare your accommodation, feeding, and all sorts.

Go Horse Riding

One more outdoor activity you could try is horse riding. There should be a few stables around you, where riding a horse shouldn't be a problem. You and your partner could visit these places, pay them some amount of money, and have the time to yourself. It is so much fun as both of you gallop along and make memories on your horses. Would you like to make it even better? Put on costumes and take pictures through the whole experience.

Go Horse Riding
Go Horse Riding

Try a Movie Marathon

Are you two movie freaks? A movie marathon is an exciting date idea you could suggest that quality time can be spent. Watch all genres of movies through the night - you could go with all-time classics, romance, horror, adventure, and so on. Trust each other to laugh and cry while at it. Also, throughout the experience, make sure you have something to eat, so you don't get bored. Who knows what will happen a few minutes into the movie?

Rent a Boat

Another exciting fun date activity you could do outdoor is to rent a boat and go somewhere nice. Most beautiful sceneries are around a lake or stream - such a perfect place to take pictures together. Also, a few bottles of champagne should do the trick; this idea is one of the best for anniversaries. Quite simple yet classic in a way, for a date.


For a romantic relationship, dates are a significant part of improving the bond between lovers. It doesn't have to be expensive; something simple is enough to make lovers connect and know each other better. Most importantly, they are perfect avenues to create memories, take pictures, and talk about life experiences.

A good percentage of people fall in love every year, and date ideas are needed. Above is a list of the best 25 fun date ideas that every couple should try out; choose what best interests you. You could read this with your partner, and cross out those that you both have done and earmark the ones you would love to try out later.

Also, give enough room for planning, so that you get to enjoy every bit of it. If you have other ideas, you could try them too, as there are no limits to what would improve relationships.

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