Best Companies Giving Easy Surveys that Pay Cash in 2023

by Trevor Rocious

You must have seen people that makes money online and you wonder how they do it. Besides, who does not want to make money online.

Why Should You Take Surveys that Pay Cash in 2023?

In this article, I will sharing with you one of the easiest way to make money online, which is taking paid online surveys. There are hundreds of survey websites online that will pay you for taking surveys. In taking the surveys, you don't need to have any special skill, all that is needed is your honest opinion and you will get paid for it. Taking surveys and reviewing websites is done at the comfort of your home using a laptop or a desktop. This is a an easy way to make extra money without stress. You can earn free products, cash rewards, gift vouchers and other amazing prizes for each survey you complete. Although, some survey websites reward their members with points but many persons are more interested in surveys that pay cash and not points. Most of the websites pay cash in the form of direct deposit, check or PayPal.

How To Take Surveys

Many big companies like Target, Walmart, Netflix and many others wants your honest opinion. This helps them to make adjustments in their new products and marketing, and so they are happy to pay you for it. The companies hire firms to help then make market research. These firms in turn pay people like you to take surveys. The first step to take in earning money for your honest opinion is to sign up with these market research firms (paid survey websites). Once you have completed the registration with the website, you will be required to complete a survey about yourself, which is answering questions about your name, your age, where you live, your shopping habits, members of your household and any other background information. These profile information is very important because it helps the market research company to match you with the appropriate surveys. To maximize your earnings, you must understand that the company is looking for responses from within a particular demographics. For instance, Netflix is not interested in what a 50 year old single man thinks about Riverdale, simply because Riverdale show is targeted towards young women and teens. So it is very necessary that you provide a complete and accurate background information, as this will enable you qualify for more surveys. In addition, companies pay a premium for people who are part of a particular demographic or with a certain experience. For instance, a company may specifically need stay at home moms, but if you skip the section about your occupation and you only provide the minimum required details, then you might not be invited for that survey. Below is a list of high quality survey providers.

Online Best Paying-Cash Surveys in 2023

Swagbucks - Cash-Paying Survey site


Swagbucks is one of the biggest and most reliable online survey website. They have paid out over $500 million in rewards to their members around the world. Swagbucks offer rewards for searching the web, taking offers, watching videos, making online purchases and even playing games. They do not only offers surveys that pay cash, buy also allow you to earn points for everything you do online through their website. Completing a survey takes about 10 minutes or less, this means that you can actually earn around $6 per hour. This great survey website also give their users the opportunity to take surveys from multiple survey providers, and when you don't qualify for a survey, they will give you consolation points.

  • Payment method : paypal
  • Rewards: vouchers, money and prize draws
  •  Minimum reward threshold: 1 SB
  • Amount per survey: 100 SB = $1

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Survey Savvy - Cash-Paying Survey site

Survey Savvy
Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is among the many paid survey panel that is available worldwide. You can browse the internet through the surveyconnect application and also participate in online surveys. There are majorly two ways to earn money with this website. Firstly, as the name implies, by completing online surveys which typically pay an average of about $2 per survey. Secondly, with the savvyconnect application, which is an unobtrusive and light weight Mobile App, you can also make passive income. The application runs in the background on your mobile device or desktop computer, collecting data to send back to the company. Just for keeping the application installed, you can earn up to $5 a month per device. The minimum payment threshold is just $1, and they pay through direct check.

  • Payment method: the minimum cashout is $1 via direct check
  • Rewards: money
  • Minimum Reward threshold: $1
  • Amount per survey: $1 - $3

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Toluna - Cash-Paying Survey site


Toluna is a reliable opinion website that works on behalf of leading companies. They are interested in knowing what you think about a particular products, issues and services. In return for your honest opinion, you get paid. With more than 100 thousand members, they work with many of the world's largest brands such as Sony music, Coca-Cola and Kellogg's. It is important to note that the points earned on Toluna do expire after 12 months of earning them, so ensure you cash them out as soon as possible before they expire. With Toluna, you can easily take multiple surveys every day from different survey providers on the Mobile App or via the website. Completing a survey takes about 15 minutes or less, so it will take about 4 hours to earn a voucher of £15, which is equivalent to £3.75 per hour.

  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Rewards: high street and Amazon vouchers
  • Minimum reward threshold: 27,000 for vouchers or 500 if you want enter the prize draws
  • Amount per survey: between 1,300 - 50,000 points. (you will get a £15 voucher with 80,000 points)

Survey club - Cash-Paying Survey site

Survey club
Survey club

You can participate in some of the highest paying surveys, research and clinical trials available with this website. There are often opportunities that are location based, like focus groups. Unlike many other survey firms, survey club will give you the opportunity to actually test the product and they will physically mail the product to you free of charge. But the opportunities for money making is somehow limited in number, and their criteria for qualification tends to be strict. Apart from that, this website has a very good user interface for locating high paying surveys, and you can sort by payout as well as estimated time to complete

  1. Payment method: payment through PayPal
  2. Rewards: money
  3. Minimum reward threshold: $1
  4. Amount per survey: 1$ - $2

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IPSOS I-SAY - Cash-Paying Survey site


IPSOS I-SAY is among the largest and high paying survey based research companies around, they work with reliable brands and research companies all over the world. It is a consumer and a research platform which offers a very good interface and overall experiences around. This is very obvious especially when you are using the Mobile application, which is available for both Android devices and iOS. This platform allow you to earn money by completing online surveys as well as polls, that ask some quick questions like"which of the bagel is better". There is also a yearly loyalty program which gives you the chance to earn extra points for being active on the platform. IPSOS I-SAY is a well trusted platform that sends you weekly surveys to answer through email. Although, the threshold for the reward is low, and many persons will be able to cash out their money under ten surveys.

  • Payment method: free gift cards or cash through PayPal
  • Rewards: Amazon and high street vouchers and prize draws for every member
  • Minimum reward threshold: £10
  • Amount per survey: £1

Lifepoints - Cash-Paying Survey site


Life point is another good survey website of Lightspeed, a company owned by kantar (a consumer data analytics and one of the world's largest market research firm). It was created as a merger of 2 of the company products, Global test market and Mysurvey. Lifepoints gives the users various ways of earning points which includes taking surveys, testing products that are shipped to you free of charge by Lifepoints, keeping diaries, and taking daily challenges that gives streak bonuses. These daily challenges are used as a mechanism for pre-screening to qualify for more surveys. The points can be redeemed for money once you have 5,000 which is equivalent to £5 in value. Completing a survey takes about 15 minutes, and each completed survey earns you 100 points. Hence you can earn up to £5 per hour.

  • Payment method: cash through PayPal or gift cards
  • Rewards: money, high street and Amazon vouchers
  • Minimum reward threshold: 5,000 points which is equivalent to £5
  • Amount per survey: 100 points (~£1)

InboxDollars - Cash-Paying Survey site


InboxDollars is a good online platform to earn money taking surveys. It is an established community that is also known as InboxPounds. It rewards you for other activities beyond paid surveys. This platform makes online earning more fun and interesting. You can decide to play games, search the web, read emails, earn cash backs, take surveys and get paid. By signing up alone, you immediately get a sign up bonus. So you have nothing to lose by joining.

  1. Payment method: PayPal
  2. Rewards: vouchers and money
  3. Minimum reward threshold: £20
  4. Amount per survey: 20 points which is equivalent to £1

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