Best Ways to Get Free Money from Millionaires Online 2023

Rich People Who Give Money Away

by Trevor Rocious

Living life is hard enough as it is, but compounding it with a bad credit score, a long list of basic needs, or a life-long Idea that lacks funding makes it even worse. Everybody who needs money hopes one day will be their lucky day; a call to an interview; a pay rise; a gift from friends; a loan, or even finding a bag full of money. But those things only happen a lot in movies. Financial problems are one thing you will love to turn around in a twinkle of an eye. I can assure you that you can get that financial problem solved through millionaires online.

Isn't That Amazing?

I understand you might find this weird, just as many people think that asking for help is a loose course. And truthfully, that can happen if you ask the people around you.

So, do you need money quickly for treatment? Have you been planning to expand your living space for a long time, but there are not enough funds? Do you dream of starting a business and need an investor? Well, your problems might just have been solved by reading this guide.

Honestly, it used to be very difficult because people lack information. However, with the ever-growing intervention of technology, the Internet allows you to have access to millionaires who are willing to give away valuables and cash. You just have to know where to look

List of Best Ways for Free Money from Rich People

In this guide, I've listed some of the best websites you can easily get assistance from millionaires. Sites where people with valuable ideas can receive money for their implementation, and people can buy you things that you've been dreaming of having your entire lifetime.

1. Kickstarter


Perhaps the most famous crowdfunding venue in the world. It was the development of that gave impetus to the emergence of similar projects. At the same time, the resource is among the thousand most frequently visited sites in the world.

It is important to note that the funds on this resource are collected to implement a specific idea, and not to finance existing programs. If it so happened that the required amount was not collected, then all contributions are returned to investors.

Kickstarter specializes in electronic gadgets, home gadgets, and many others. Its name has become almost synonymous with this method of attracting investment. Since 2009, when the site was created, more than 72 thousand projects totaling $1.2 billion have received funding here.

On Kickstarter, you can offer your projects in different categories. Most categories relate to art: cinema, music, photography, journalism, dancing, and the likes. But the site became famous primarily for technological innovations: it was here that the "smart" Pebble watches, Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses and other unique devices started.

Kickstarter imposes certain restrictions on published projects. First of all, each of them should have a result that can be shared with other people - tangible or intangible. However, financing on Kickstarter is based on the "all or nothing" principle: unconvincing projects that have not reached their goal of raising funds are left without money.

2. Indiegogo


IndieGoGo is genuinely an international platform because it covers more than 200 countries. On it, you can raise funds for charity, opening your own business or the implementation of a particular idea. Also, recently, more option to raise funds for events has appeared. If you do not have enough money to hold an event, a children's party, an operation or other impromptu events, then you can place your offer on the site.

Out of the successful startups that were hosted on IndieGoGo, you can perhaps mention the Jolla Tablet, which scored the required amount in a few hours.

Indiegogo differs from other crowdfunding sites with much milder requirements for projects to be launched. This makes it one of the most versatile solutions for collective financing. In addition to the ideas of technological devices, music albums, films, and other projects typical of crowdfunding, here you can find campaigns to raise funds for social and medical needs, charity, and education.

Unlike Kickstarter, Indiegogo allows you to collect the funds raised, even if you could not collect all the necessary amount. But in this case, the owners of the service leave themselves a higher percentage of fees - 9% instead of the usual 4%.

Recently, the site added the opportunity to start unlimited Forever Funding projects. This makes it possible to receive financing from users not only before the start of the project but also at any other stage of the company's existence. Indiegogo is becoming a permanent sales channel for entrepreneurs and a constant source of investment.

3. Rockethub


This platform is ideal for beginner startups. Its interface is quite simple and friendly. It offers projects in the field of art, business, and science. Fundraising for social events is also possible.

The principle of fundraising is similar to the IndieGoGo resource: even if the required amount is not collected, money is still sent to the people. But you need to consider that in case of shortage you will have to pay a more substantial amount of commission. RocketHub is an entirely transparent and open platform, and therefore all project information can be easily and calmly viewed at your convenience.

Fundraising for each project has limited time. When time runs out, you receive the amount that has accumulated, even if you expect more. The site commission is 4% for projects that have received full funding, and 8% for the rest.

A feature of RocketHub is the active work of site owners to promote crowdfunding as a full-fledged financial instrument. There is a crowdfunding school on the site, in which specialists help organize fundraising and achieve better results. Also, RocketHub collaborates with third-party organizations, including marketing companies and television channels, which assist peoples' projects during investment promotion campaigns.

4. Booomerang


This site is mainly engaged in investing in social projects. Booomerang was recently founded in Denmark. Initially, the "paths" focused on sponsoring video game and music projects, following the example of crowdfunding leader Kickstarter. But then the founders decided to change the scope and focused on socially significant projects.

By the way, the amounts on this site are minimal, especially in comparison with others. On average, ten thousand dollars is the maximum. However, there is an interesting fact about this site: social projects on Booomerang have a much greater response than social projects on Kickstarter. The developers of the European site are very proud of this fact. Indeed, it is often more convenient for people to sponsor a draft social plan than a fascinating and sometimes unnecessary gadget.

5. Artistshare


In addition to the above sites in the world, there are also specialized resources for investment. ArtistShare was opened was in the United States

It hosts projects of a musical nature, and the site is an independent recording company. Artists who worked with this resource have repeatedly been awarded prestigious music awards. Other similar resources are PledgeMusic and SellaBand. By and large, they are classic crowdfunding sites. With their help, musicians can raise funds to release an album or record a new song. There are no restrictions on countries; as a musician, where you come from doesn't affect anything.

However, this type of investment often does not find popularity. Instead of exciting projects and business ideas, investors prefer to invest in recording music tracks or albums.

6. Youcaring


The launch of non-profit projects is a relatively new direction in collective financing. By tradition, turning to other people for financial support has always been the basis of any charitable work. But the development of crowdfunding ideas has led to the emergence of new venues in this area. In fact, they are a new generation of charitable foundations based on information technology.

One of the most famous sites of this kind is YouCaring. It raises funds for the treatment of seriously ill patients, for the operation of orphanages, for educational projects, and other equally important goals.

All money goes to specific recipients and does not go to "abstract charity." Using this site, more than 90 thousand projects have been successfully implemented, which attracted about 163 million dollars. YouCaring does not require any fees or deductions. Voluntary donations fund the site.

7. Crowdfunder


Crowdfunding can be used as the main or auxiliary channel to attract co-owners in a startup or existing business. It serves as a venue for private investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Each project that collects funds using this site does not offer investors goods or services, but shares in the company and participation in profits. Therefore, the minimum payments here are very high - they can vary from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. Hence, when financing a project is successful, all participants become full co-owners of the business.

The site is focused mainly on American startups, but it also allows companies registered in other countries to organize fundraising. In the Crowdfunder rules, foreigners are advised to consult with a lawyer on all matters related to attracting foreign investment and withdrawing funds.

Conclusion of Free Money from Billionaires / Millionaires Online

Sometimes, circumstances arise that can only be solved with the help of others. A large number of individuals find themselves in situations where a rather large amount of money is required, and there is no one to turn to. If you are one of these people, crowdfunding might be your answer.

It can be noted that crowdfunding activities have grown over the years. Many exciting business ideas and gadgets appeared on the market precisely thanks to such sites allowing millionaires to touch the lives of the challenged in their possible way.

Thus, if you need help, have a worthwhile idea, or an already completed project that needs funds for its development, be sure to use these services. You'll be glad you did. Good luck to you and your noble ideas!

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