Do AirPods Work With Android ?

by Trevor Rocious

Nowadays, the world is greeted with a huge variety of technological inventions. The products introduced by the tech geeks are aimed at making the life process easier for their target users. Today, many mobile devices are consistently introduced to make life processes faster and easier.

With these devices, you can listen to music, watch your favorite movies, surf the internet, make calls, send messages, and perform other computing tasks. An example of the excellent mobile device introduced to the world inhabitants is the Android device. Today, many Android-powered devices are introduced to enhance the experience of all mobile device users. To make life more comfortable for people, Apple, an iOS device manufacturer, designed and produced AirPods. The manufacturers of AirPods designed it for the Apple device users. Hence, it works perfectly with all iOS-powered devices.

However, as an Android tablet or smartphone user, you can also connect and use AirPods. For instance, if you are a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 tablet or Samsung Galaxy phones, you can easily connect your AirPods to it. It will work perfectly like other Bluetooth devices. Once paired with the Android device, you can start enjoying some of its features. That said, many AirPods owners and Android users have opined that they need to switch to the iPhone before they can use their AirPods. There are simple methods of connecting your AirPods to Android devices. These methods are tested and trusted. Today, I will be telling you the best method to connect your AirPods to Android devices and the features you will enjoy when they are paired together.

Android Connectivity

The question "do AirPods work with Android" is frequent on most Android smartphone users' lips. If you are in this category, let me tell you that the answer is "Yes." Since the AirPods connects with the iPhone via Bluetooth, you can also connect the Android device with your AirPods through the Bluetooth. Once connected, you can start to enjoy excellent music sound and enjoy other services.

Do AirPods Work With Android

DoAirPods Work With Android
Do AirPods Work With Android

If the Android smartphone is your most beloved mobile device, AirPods are excellent wireless earbud you can use with it. When connected with the Android device, you will enjoy amazing services than what other earbuds will offer you. If you use both iOS and Android-powered devices, you can use your AirPods on the two devices. Though not all the services enjoyed with AirPods on iPhones are enjoyed with Androids, you will still enjoy huge features. As an AirPods user, you will enjoy comfortability because the earbud is stable in the ears and makes you feel comfortable. However, there are some reasons why AirPods owners avoid using it on their Android devices. One of them is the sound quality. The feedback gotten from previous users showed that AirPods elicited poor performance on Androids - when compared to the iPhone.

Summary of Best Ways to Connect Your AirPods to Your Android Device

The table below summarizes the features that work when AirPods is paired with the Android device.

Features Functionality
Double Tap Functionality
  1. Users can pause and play music seamlessly.
Bluetooth Connectivity DistanceUsers can play and enjoy their favorite music from a long distance.
AirBatteryUsers can enjoy the pause and play feature when listening to music on Spotify.
AssistantTriggerUsers can set up Google Assistant effortlessly.

How to Connect Your AirPods to Your Android Device

How toConnect Your AirPods to Your Android Device
How to Connect Your AirPods to Your Android Device

The process of pairing your AirPods to your Android device is simple and easy to follow. Before you start pairing your AirPods with your Android phone, you need to know that it is not as easy as connecting it with the iPhone. With the tested and trusted methods discussed in this section, you will be able to pair your AirPods to the Android device effortlessly.

  • Tap the power button to wake your Android device.
  • Swipe down the top of the device's home screen to access the settings panel. Alternatively, you can launch the app icon. Then tap settings. Next, press down the Bluetooth icon.
  • Your Android phone will allow you to tap Pair new device or Add a new device - depending on the Android phone model you use.
  • Open the lid of the charging case to access the AirPods.
  • At the back of the AirPods case, you will see a small button. Press the button until you see a light indicator that is blinking white.
  • Next, check the Bluetooth section of your Android phone to see if the AirPods icon is displayed. Then select the AirPods icon to pair it with the Android phone.
  • Once the devices are paired together, you can start enjoying its features. Next time you connect the wireless earbud with your Android phones, they will automatically connect to each other.

In case your Android smartphone has a reverse wireless charging feature, you can charge the AirPods at the back of the device. You can also use wireless through Apple lightning cable or Qi-supported pad.

AirPods Features You Will Not Access on Android Device

When you pair an iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch with the AirPods, you enjoy all the features designed in it by Apple. This gesture is attributed to the presence of the W1 wire-free chip in the first generation AirPods, the accelerometer, H1 chip in your AirPods 2, and other built-in sensors of the AirPods. In case you are pairing your AirPods with your Android phone, you will be denied access to some features. These features are discussed below.

1. Siri

When AirPods is paired with the iPhone, you can tap the iPhone to access Siri. With Siri, you can change songs, ask simple questions, and adjust the song's volume. If you are using AirPods 2 with the iPhone, you can activate Siri using "Hey Siri." However, you cannot access Siri when AirPods are paired with the Android smartphone.

2. Customization Double Tap

When you navigate through your iOS device's settings app, you can easily change anything with the double-tap gesture. With AirPods paired with iPhone, you can easily play/pause, access Siri, previous track, and next track features. These features are not accessible when AirPods is paired with the Android smartphone.

3. Automatic Switching

Since Apple manufactures AirPods, it is easily linked to the iCloud account of Apple users. This allows the AirPods user to switch between devices like iPads, iPhone, Mac, or Mac with the AirPods. Android devices run with Google account. Hence, such an automatic switching feature is not enjoyed when paired with AirPods.

4. Simple Setup

When pairing your AirPods with the iOS devices, the process is simple, quicker, and straightforward. However, the process is not straightforward when paired with an Android device.

5. Checking AirPods Battery

When Airdrops are connected to the Apple Watch and iPhone, you can easily check the battery life from the control center on the Apple Watch or Today center on the iPhone. You can also ask Siri about battery life. On the Android device, the feature is not available. However, you can replace the functionality on the Android smartphone with the Assistant Trigger or AirBattery app.

6. Automatic Ear Detection

When you pair your Airdrops with the iOS-powered device, you can enjoy the automatic ear detection feature. With this feature, the song or whatever you are currently playing will be paused when you remove the AirPods from your ear. Immediately you insert it back to your ear; the song will resume. When you pair the AirPods with the Android smartphone, you will not enjoy the automatic ear detection feature.

7. Single Airpod Listening

The single Airpod listening feature is only available when Airpod is paired with the iOS devices. This is because the iOS device supports ear detection functionality. However, you cannot play media content with a single Airpod on Android device because it lacks the ear detection features.

AirPods Features You Will Access on Android Device

AirPodsFeatures You Will Access on Android Device
AirPods Features You Will Access on Android Device

1. Double Tap Functionality

The AirPods features that are available on Android devices are limited. With AirPods paired with Android smartphones, you will access the double-tap functionality. When you access the double-tap functionality, you will be able to pause and play music seamlessly.

2. Bluetooth Connectivity Distance

With your AirPods connected to the Android device, you can enjoy longer Bluetooth range connectivity of your smartphone with the AirPods. This means that you can enjoy playing media content when your Android device is far from the AirPods.

How You Can Add Some Functionalities to AirPods on Your Android Device

1. AirBattery

AirBattery is a feature that allows you to check the charge level of the AirPods. This includes the battery levels for the right Airpod, the left Airpod, and the charging case. The AirBattery feature works perfectly like when AirPods are paired with iOS devices. The feature also has the experimental ear detection functionality in which you can pause songs when an Airpod is removed from the ear while listening to a song on Spotify.

2. AssistantTrigger

AssistantTrigger is a feature that lets users see the battery level of their AirPods. It also helps users to enjoy the ear detection feature. With AssistantTrigger, you can change the tap gesture to double-tap. You can also double-tap the device to set up Google Assistant.


AirPods are an exciting invention that makes music become more melodious when played on the smartphone. Today, I have discussed how to connect the wireless earbud with your Android smartphone and the features you will enjoy on it. Please read through and enjoy your AirPods paired with your Android device seamlessly.

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