Best Online Surveys that Pays Money

Free and Authentic Market Research Companies

by Trevor Rocious

Best Online Survey Websites that Pays Money - Take online surveys and get paid!

Looks like what everyone would like to do, right? That's why it is popular.

Paid surveys rank highest when it comes towork-from-home jobs. It is the best option many people consider

Unfortunately, this option turns into a terrific experience for many people. Wondering why?

Watch out for Paid survey scams!

There are lots of genuine market research companies that will pay you for your participation in surveys. But scammers still abound in the industry and these guys are looking for people to deceive. As sad as this may be, many people still fall victim to this daily.

Sure you wouldn’t want to be among their victims? Then you should check this list of reliable paid survey companies you can join for free.

Also, you may need to read this in detail to get the full idea on how to get your pay.

Best Online Surveys at Home Companies that Pays Money

Note: It is pertinent that you note that most genuine survey companies only accept panellist from some western countries, particularly America. Besides this, you can still read down for otherinternational survey sites people outside the US may find useful.



With MindSwarms survey, you are likely to smile home with at least $50 for every survey completed. This is way bigger than $5, $10 or $15 which other companies pay for surveys.

There is no minimum cash out amount here. You can get your $50 PayPal payment in the next 24hrs after the completion of a survey. Each survey here contains only 7 questions.

But here is a clause…

Surveys with MindSwarms are mostly video not questionnaire.

Here is how it works:

a. You have to signup first. During the signup process, you need to upload a short profile video showing where you answer a few questions. Doing this helps you to establish your demographic niche.

b. After doing this, you will find some available survey on your dashboard. You can apply for anyone by answering some multiple choice questions.

c. Your response will undergo assessment, and if acceptable, they will invite you for more surveys.

d. You can answer survey questions using your smartphone, webcam or tablet, and there usually seven questions in each survey.

You are likely to spend at most 20 minutes for each survey. And while you may wait to consider the offer, some people will rush it like "I don't mind spending an hour for a $50 bill"

You'll definitely like to hear this

i. No requesting for payment

ii. No minimum requirement before cashing out

iii. No waiting around

iv. Every survey completed means $50 through PayPal within 24hours.

This is awesome, right?

But you'll rarely find websites with nice offers like MindSwarms

Yet, there are other websites where you only need to record a video of yourself visiting various websites and commenting on your experience there. Typical of such website is "User Testing". This kind of survey helps companies to enhance the user experience of their website.



InboxDollar pays you to watch videos, take surveys, play games, and complete offer.

InboxDollars is known for a long time and has evenbeen once featuredon ABC’s Good Morning America show.

They have a long-standing reputation for reliability. This is visible in over $43 million which they have paid their panellist till date

Minimum cash out with InboxDollars is $30 and payment is by cheque

But, the high cash out of $30 is what many people don’t like about InboxDollars.

However, they are generous enough to give you a $5 bonus for signing up. They also give you a few more $ for completing your profile. So, you may likely end up getting $10 for doing nothing.

With $30 in your account, request a pay-out, and you'll get your pay within the shortest time.

VIP Voice (formerly known as NPDOR)

VIPVoice (formerly known as NPDOR)
VIPVoice (formerly known as NPDOR)

This market survey company has been on stage since 1976. They are well known even by people who don’t do not carry out market surveys. VIP Voice, which was formerly called NPDOR is among the oldest survey panels that are still active.

One downside about this website is that they do not offer real gift cards or cash. All you get here are points which you can use in winning prizes or cash in two ways;

a. BidLand:With this, you can use your points to bid for products and services that are currently on auction.

b. SweepLand: With this, you can win electronics, vacations or even cash.

Need some pretty fast cash? You can get that here also.

They also offer "instant win" options. This option gives you the opportunity of winning prizes and cash instantly.

Ipsos I-Say


i-Say has been in operation since 1975. I-Say is being managed by Ipsos, which is one of the movers among global market research companies.

Reports from the company have it that they conduct over 70 million surveys each year. Such survey they claim they do for over 5000 clients across over 100 countries. Statistics like this shows how serious and big this company is.

Points earned here are called i-Say. The number of points is not determined by how many surveys you complete but how long a survey is. With i-Say, your account gets instant credit once you complete a survey.

Loyalty points

For participating in various surveys, you can earn extra points called loyalty points. Each completed survey comes with a certain number of loyalty points. For instance, ten surveys earn you 50 loyalty points.

Getting Paid

Minimum payout is 500 points. You can redeem your points for prizes such as Prepaid Card, PayPal, and Visa card payment. You can also get gift cards for stores such as;


ii. iTunes

iii. Starbucks

iv. Target and many others.

One unique thing about iPsos is that their gift cards prizes are always sent to your email immediately.

Do you know anything about reward websites? NO, I guess. Their payment is amazingly fast.

Other Top Paid Survey Websites that Pay Well

However, there are lots of complaints from panellist about insufficient survey chances.

Even those available, chances of qualifying are slim, they add.

So, when people boast of earning about $200-$500 monthly on taking surveys, you wonder how they do that.

How they do that is pretty simple...

Joining multiple panels is their secret.

Having your name on different market survey company's website is best.Doing this gives you a higher chance of getting surveys from a company since most companies conduct one or two surveys every month.

There are a few more survey website here which you can check out. They workjust like the ones mentioned earlier. However, some slight differences may exist in the payment method and the least cash out amount.

Apart from these few differences, you can join anyone free of charge and do almost the same work

such as:

i. Taking surveys.

ii. Earn points or cash.

iii. Get paid.

Do you want to give them a try? Here they are....


NiceQuest is a known survey company for a long time. They offer minimum cash out amount of $5 only. Payment comes through various channels such as; Merchandise, Donations to charity. Others include Movie vouchers, Store Gift Cards, Restaurant gift cards, Sweepstakes entries.

This website is popular for offering surveys for Teens and Hispanics. You can even complete surveys using their mobile app. Their high paying survey is another feature that makes them very popular.

A few downsides though...

You can only sign up through an invitation. Invitation codes come via their online ad campaigns, Facebook and Twitter pages. The points you earn from every survey is called Shells. Ten shells are equal to $1.

NiceQuest has one of the best selections of options for redeeming your earnings. Some options include Toys, electronics, gift cards for a movie theatre, restaurant etc.

Another great thing about NiceQuest is that you earn points even when you don’t qualify for a survey. This is very different from other websites.

Good enough to try, isn’t it? It is!



You can only cash out your payment once it is up to $50. Payment is through prizes such as t-shirts or tote bags etc.

You can also get gift cards which can be used in many online and offline stores.

Surveys on YouGo are on topics such as public affairs, politics, brands, products etc.


You can comfortably cash out your points when it is at least $15. Payment is through PayPal.

PaidViewPoint is unique about their quick payout, in less than 72 hours. I like this about them!

Springboard America


Your minimum payout here is 5000 points which are equal to $20. Payment is through Prepaid Visa PayPal, Gift cards for Best Buy, Amazon, Target etc.

After completing a survey, your payment hits your account in less than 24 hours.

ACOP (American Consumer Opinion Panel)

ACOP(American Consumer Opinion Panel)
ACOP(American Consumer Opinion Panel)

Decision Analyst Inc. is the survey company that runs this website.

They have been into the business for donkey years. Also, they are a reliable survey website that pays.

Your least cash out here is 1000 points, and payment is via Hyperwallet and PayPal.

Clear Voice


If you need a survey website that accepts international members, Clear Voice is one. But, most of their surveys are for residents of the UK, US and Canada.

Their least cash out is $10 via Payoneer, Dining Doug and Amazon gift certificates.

Many Money Making Websites

I can remember advocating for the need to join a few more survey companies to increase your chances.

So, with that in view, I had to go extra miles to compile other this list.

These are still some genuine survey websites you can join to make cool money from taking surveys.

I want this to be a one-stop page where you can get all the sites you need only if you find interest in taking up surveys.

You've got it all here.

1. 20/20 Panel

2. Center for the Decision Sciences

3. ClickPerks

4. CVS Advisor

5. Darwin’s Data

6. Global Survey Group

7. Grab Points

8. Hagen Sinclair

9. HotSpex


11.Knowledge Panel


13.Medical Advisory Board


15.My View


17.MySoapBox (Previously ClickIQ)

18.Opinion Bureau

19.Opinion Square


21.Palm Research

22.Permission Research

23.Quest Mindshare

24.Resonance Research

25.Scarborough Surveys

26.Small Business Knowledge Center


28.Springboard America



31.Test Spin

32.Univox Community


Please always be on the lookout for this post or better still you can bookmark it in your browser so that you can check it more often. I’ll be expanding the list of genuine survey site as soon as I get them.

How Does Paid Surveys Work?

How Does Paid Surveys Work?
How Does Paid Surveys Work?

For people who aren’t conversant with market survey companies, I'll quickly explain how they work. Also, I will explain other basic things you need to know about them here.

Most companies run to market research companies when they need information. Information about what consumers' thought about their products and services are. Also, such information helps these companies to improve on their products and services

These market research companies have both online and offline panels. Both the offline and online panel helps in collating the view of panellists about their experience with such products/services.

What Type Of Questions Do Surveys Companies Ask?

In business, data collection is very vital.

So, knowing what your customer wants will help you produce what they'll buy.

With this, any piece of information is important. This is because such info can be the flaws in their product which they don't know.

Survey questions are usually broad and cover various aspect of a product(s). Yet, the aim to understand the needs of the customer and work towards meeting those needs.

Some survey question may require long essay answers while some need just a yes or no answer.

For instance, assuming we are having a survey about PayPal - the company that pays and helps you get paid quickly.

a. Some likely questions you should expect can be:

b. Do you find it very easy to send money from your PayPal account?

c. Do you prefer making transactions on your cell phone or your PC?

d. What is the average number of time you carry out a transaction with your PayPal every week/month.?

e. What new tools are you expecting to see?

Well, this looks very easy, but I'm sure you now have a clue of what to expect.

The main idea revolves around getting data and information from real customers. Once this has been gathered, such information will enable them to create better products and services.

Why Are People Paid To Answer Survey Questions By The Company?

i. People need an incentive for the time they will spend doing something else apart from their job. Remember, this information will benefit the big companies.

ii. No one likes offering free service.

iii. They pay people to get their commitment and utmost seriousness about the survey.

So, they have to give you some money!

Which Purse Does The Survey Money Come From?

MR survey cost is solely from the companies and businesses that hire market research companies to do the survey.

These companies have to pay MR companies to get this information from customers for them.

Why Can’t Companies Conduct Survey Themselves?

The process is time-consuming. In short, that is not their expertise.

Think of the reason why you will have to pay another person to fix your car for you. Even when you can get the parts and the tools required, you need some who can use the tools efficiently.

Again, paying an expert to do this is cheaper and easier. They are sure of getting the correct results.

How do Survey Websites pay me?

All survey websites and companies don’t pay in the way. But there are three major ways you can get your pay:

1. Cash: This can be either through PayPal or a cheque

2. Sweepstakes Entries:This helps you to win prizes and even cash.

3. Points: With points, you can redeem and convert them into gift cards and other prizes.

Currently, many survey sites are tilting towards gift cards and cash payment. No one wants to use sweepstakes entries any longer.

How Much Can I Earn From Taking Surveys?

For everyone considering to take up survey offers, this is the first question they think of.

Well, to answer this question. Sincerely, there is no direct answer to this.

Reasons being that some factors will determine how much you earn from a survey.

Some of such factors include:

i. The topic/product the survey is all about

ii. Survey length

iii. And other individual consideration from each survey site.

So, with all these individual differences from each survey site, payment varies. Others may offer $0.25 while others give $200 per survey taken. Think $200 is the highest pay I know so far.

Also, averagely, most surveys take between 10-15 minutes to fill out. This should earn you around $1-$5 on each survey.

As you would guess, survey pay-out is equivalent to the length of time it takes to complete.

With this, I can say that an average panellist having accounts in a few survey sites can make about $500/year

However, some people make more than this amount. This is because they spend more time taking surveys from more survey sites.

Why Must I Qualify To Take Up A Survey?

Many people seeking to take up surveys for money gets confused about this part.

Many people even go as far as thinking that since they didn't qualify, it is obvious that they have fallen a victim to scam.

That’s certainly not the truth!

Remember, I made mention of the fact that companies need responses from real customers.

So, picking some without a PayPal account to answer surveys about how he uses PayPal is totally out of it.

Spending so much money to get responses from people who don’t use their products is a complete waste of time and $.

With this in view, MR companies have pre-screening questions. These questions help them to categorize panellist into a demographic niche. By so doing, your response will be from personal experience.

Yet, there are cases where you may only be lacking in one good criterion they are looking for. That’s the overall essence of those pre-screening questions.

Alert!!! Protect Yourself from Paid Survey Scams

Remember, I mentioned that while there are many legit survey sites, there are also fake ones.

It won’t be surprising to have these guys scamming people around. Paid survey is a cool way to make extra bucks, so many people want to have a fair share.

They come with enticing promises that you could hardly resist.

"Do you know you can make a full-time income from the comfort of your couch while taking some fun surveys?"

Who wouldn’t want that? That is a typical line many people fall for

Let's face it, you can never make a living by taking surveys. It is meant to be side hurdle for extra cash. However, you may have people that can boast of that, but that will be only 5% of people taking surveys.

How Can You Avoid Survey Scams?

First, what you should always know and remember is that genuine survey sites are free to join. No sign-up fee!

After all, you deserved to earn some money for your candid opinion instead of paying to offer it.

As you always keep this in mind, it will be hard to lose your hard earned money easily.

More so, another candid advice is that you should take your homework seriously. By this, I mean doing more research online about each survey site before choosing which one to join.

Looking up online forums for comments and reviews can help you a lot here. It won't be an easy one to go through, but if you give it your time, you'll get a good result.

Bottom Line of Surveys that Pays Money

There are lots of genuine market research companies with survey sites which you can join. You may not get RICH from taking surveys. But it sure that you will make some extra cash from here if you qualify for surveys.

Also, your response to the surveys you take will help to improve the products and services you use.

But, don't forget to be very careful as you go out in search of a survey site to join. Scammers are everywhere looking for whom to devour. It won’t be you, I hope.

In case you get sceptic about something along your way, you can always fall back to this page for a proper guide.

See, you need to bookmark this page in your browser.

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