Credit cards that offer instant card numbers upon approval

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Gone are the days when you had to wait for days to get things done. Now the advanced technology lets you reach a product or service in any corner of the world in a few moments. If you are looking to manage your money in a better way by getting yourself a credit card, you can get it right away! Yes, you can instantly get your card when you apply for it without waiting for days though some cards take the conventional period for approval. But many instant credit options give access to your credit card number to be utilized for payments and purchases.

Let's first tell you what an instant credit card is.

Instant Credit Card - Instant Card Number Link

Instant Credit Card
Instant Credit Card

Instant credit card or instant credit is a credit card that is given instant approval when applied for. Most instant card options allow you to apply online and get the credit card number immediately if you qualify for the approval. You can make purchases and payments through the card number without having to wait for the card delivery. An instant credit card number can be received as quickly as only within 5 minutes of application .

Merits of Having an Instant Credit Card

Having an instant credit card lets you avail all the benefits of a conventional credit card along with the additional ones.

· You do not have to wait for a more extended period to use your card

· Make online purchases through the instant credit card

· Pay for your orders online

· Secure and protected by the company

· The user of the card is not responsible for any fraud or unauthorized transactions

· Helps to track any suspicious activity through your card number

· Earn cash back by spending money on the credit card

Best Instant Credit Cards 2023

Now that you the benefits you can avail with an instant credit card, we have also found out the best instant cards with additional advantages you can get.

1. Bank of America - Instant Card Number Link

Bank ofAmerica
Bank of America

Bank of America is among the most popular banks for the perks it offers on its credit cards. However, Bank of America does not provide instant card numbers on its website. Thus, you'd have to download the Bank of America app for iOS and Android to register yourself for the credit card. And then you can upload it to the digital wallet.

Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card is the most used credit card by the Bank of America that offers instant card number.

That card has an annual fee of $75, but it comes with a number of benefits if you are an avid traveler. If you spend $2,000 through the credit card in the first 90 days, you can earn 40,000 miles along with a $100 statement credit . Additionally, it also offers 50% discount passes of Alaska Lounge day and free first checked bag.

Apply for the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card now.

Highlights of Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card

· Great for travelers

· Discount on Alaska Lounge day

· $100 statement credit

· Earn 40,000 miles in the first 90 days

2. Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express - Instant Card Number Link

Blue Cash Preferred® Card   from American Express
Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

American Express offers a variety of instant credit cards that you can get immediately after applying. And it continues to make things convenient for the users by providing the card number through email . It saves you from noting down the number as soon as you get it. Not only you get you to use the card instantly, but you also get a number of rewards, including statement credit and cash back . There is a massive 6% cash back at US supermarkets and some US subscriptions like HBO, Netflix. They are followed by 3% cash back on gas stations, taxis, buses, trains, tools, and 1% cash back on other purchases making it one of the best credit card options.

The annual fee for the Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express is $95. Yet it offers 0% APR for a year ; then, the rate is variable between 12.99% and 23.99%. If you are looking for more, let's not miss the $250 statement credit you earn after spending $1000 in the first month of receiving your card number.

Let's tell you another trick to use any car from American Express. You can add it to Apple Pay or use Amex checkout to pay if the card shows in your Amex app. Isn't it so convenient?

However, there are some cards by Amex that are co-branded so they can be only used at the co-brand locations.

Highlights of Blue Cash Preferred® Card

· Credit card number through email

· $250 statement credit

· Cash backs on Supermarkets, gas stations, buses, trains, etc.

· 6% cash back on subscriptions

3. The Platinum Card® from American Express - Instant Card Number Link

The Platinum Card®   from American Express
The Platinum Card® from American Express

Another quite favorite card from American Express is the Platinum Card®. The Platinum Card is a great credit card choice for you if you travel and spend a significant amount against your card as if offers notable advantages. You can earn 60,000 membership rewards after you spend $5,000 in the first three months of getting the card number. Moreover, it also gives a 5-times membership rewards points on hotels and flights booked directly through It enables you to enjoy free Uber rides in the USA and Uber VIP status consisting of up to $15 every month. This can make up to $200 as annual savings, including the $20 at the end of the year.

The Platinum Card® from American Express gives complimentary benefits in fine dines, hotels, and resorts making up an average value of $550. The traveler in you would be glad to know that you can avail $200 Airline Free Credit in baggage fees and others.

Though the card has an annual fee of $550, you can avail of the value of the card by many benefits it offers. Get your The Platinum Card® from American Express to avail the most of it!

Highlights of The Platinum Card® from American Express

· 6,000 rewards in the first three months

· Uber VIP status and free rides

· Rewards on hotels and flights

· Complimentary benefits in fine hotels and resorts

4. Capital One ® Platinum Credit Card - Instant Card Number Link

Capital One ® Platinum Credit Card
Capital One ® Platinum Credit Card

The Capital One ® Platinum Credit Card is among the top picks for best credit cards. And what can be better if you get the card number instantly? This card is fantastic if you have a fair to good credit as it lets you make transactions without any annual or balance transfer fee . The card also offers an EMV chip , which adds to the security of the card, and you get coverage if your card is lost, stolen, or any fraud occurs. It also helps to strengthen your credit card. Other features include online banking access , pay by check, local branch, or online without any fees.

On-time payments can help you gain a higher credit limit as well. Yes, by only paying your bills on time for five months, you can get a higher credit card limit without any extra charges.

This card can specifically be helpful for them, too, who already have a Capital One account and need to make urgent payments.

Get your Capital One ® Platinum Credit Card today.

5. Synchrony - Instant Card Number Link


Synchrony offers several store-branded credit cards that you can gain instantly. However, they are focused on online payments. Some of the cards by Synchrony include PayPal , eBay , eBates , Walmart , Kohl's , and TJX Rewards , etc. The eBay and PayPal credit cards provide you with the card number immediately when you apply. They are limited to online purchases only. But the eBates card allows you to make purchases and transactions anywhere Visa® Credit Card is accepted.

The PayPal and eBay instant credit card numbers provide a small credit limit that allows you to spend only up to $250 until you get your credit card.

If you are eligible for the card, you can get the number right away. It lets you start paying for your purchases even before you get your physical credit card from the bank. You can apply and register yourself for any of these instant credit cards.

Highlights of Synchrony

· Instant credit card number

· PayPal, eBay, eBates, Wlmart, Kohl's cards available

· Rewards on cards

· Perfect for online purchases

6. USAA - Instant Card Number Link

Credit cards that offer instant card numbers upon approval: USAA
Credit cards that offer instant card numbers upon approval: USAA

Other than all these instant cards, there is another option that is military-specific . If you are serving in the military or you are a member of a military family , you can apply for the USAA Visa Credit Cards®. When you apply for the credit card and qualify for it, USAA sends your card number, three-digit CVC code, and expiry date of the card. You can make purchases through the card but only up to $1000 before your card arrives in the mail. This limit is then extended to your approved card line when you get your card in hand. The card is an advantage to the military families that lets them avail good rewards and cash back on purchases without any annual fees.

Highlights of the USAA Visa Credit Cards®

· Military specific

· Provides credit card number & CVC code

· Rewards and cash backs on purchases

· No annual fees

There are many banks and credit card companies that offer instant credit cards owing to the need for urgent payments . These card numbers can be perfect if you want to use your card right away to make purchases and payments nationwide . Though some of them are focused on online payments only, you can use many of them at any location that accepts a Visa Card. The advancements in the credit card industries have made credit cards accessible conveniently to everyone. You can select the card that matches your needs and demands, and apply now to get the most benefit.

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