Ways to Stack Rewards and Cash Back in 2023

by Trevor Rocious

Saving has always remained the strategy of all of us. We all want to save enough, so that when hard times fall upon us. We don't look to any external or divine sources for help. There have always remained different ways of saving money. Many of us become spendthrift, cutting most of the expenses. These efforts are done for a successful mission saving. No matter how hard we try to save money.

Why Stacking Cash-Back Rewards in 2023

This is also a reality, that we are always going to have expenses. Mostly, I have experienced that saving often goes in vain. One reason for this is no matter how hard we try to save money. There happens some emergency or an immediate situation falls upon. This leads many of us towards spending all the saved money at once. Hence, we have to wait till the next time we save good enough to buy an item of our choice. Compromise has become an innate part of our nature. This is because the more saving we aspire to do. The more we have to compromise our necessary life requisites. Cutting them out totally is obviously not possible. Because, for sustaining life we will be needing several necessities. So, what is the solution to this? Is there any way to get out of this confusing dilemma? Well! These questions erupt in our minds all the time like a time bomb. Most of you look forward to the answers of them. Well! This article is going to provide you with an easier solution of tour saving issues. You can think of saving up quite a lot of fortune through your wisdom. Stacking is one way of earning a lot and saving to the maximum as possible. Stacking offers various rewards. Many of these rewards are cash back rewards. Wondering if there is something like this in real life. So, clearing out your queries. Yes! it is for real. You can actually save quite a lot just through earning more rewards. The cash back rewards work in a very interesting way. They return back a little percentage of your spent money as rewards. Though, the percentage apparently looks low. But, if dealt wisely. It can lead you to saving huge amounts too. Before we move further, it is necessary for you to know what stacking is? It is actually a process of sidelining or stacking up your earned money for a reward in return. A successful stacking can bring you new ways and tools of investing in various businesses.

How stacking actually works?

The process of earning rewards on various items is quite simple. You all are familiar with cash back rewards on credit cards. The process of stacking is no different from that. It is also called double dipping. The double dipping on cash back rewards happens differently depending on the percentage of cash back. You cannot simply expect to earn cash back from one method. But, since stacking itself is doubling up the possible ways of earning rewards. You need to think about it clearly. First you need to find out the actual ways to save. This strategy is called multiple method strategy. What you actually need to do in order to incorporate this strategy is;

● Look for the number of ways of saving

● Make a list of all these methods

● Consider which method can benefit you and how much?

● Depending upon the kinds of methods attached with the profit, classify into separate categories.

● Then choose those methods at first that are going to give the most percentage of reward at the end.

One practical explanation of this can be finding out the ways of earning cash back using credit cards. They give the maximum percentage of profit. But, they are not the only ones. Many apps also provide you with cash back rewards. As well as there are certain investment plans that also earn you certain kinds of rewards.

There are many ways through which you can earn rewards in real life. But the best options would be using platforms that are specified for reward gain. There are various tools and techniques which are specified for cash back rewards. Though, you might be familiar with many already.

Cash back Credit Cards are always in game

Did the tagline shock you? Since we have always associated credit cards with huge debt and high interests. But! the tagline is correct. Amigos! There are various credit card issuers that give you a cash back reward. Earning rewards through credit cards is the simplest one. Because, it does not involve any long and detailed complex procedure. Most of the credit cards have a 1% cash back reward. This is common with the leading issuers of credit cards. Though, some also offer a 2% reward. Well! You have to look for your own basic plan to enjoy these rewards. Chase Freedom Card is probably the best cash back credit card. Because, it allows a 5% cash back reward, which is considerably a very high percentage as compared to others.

CardPool - Reward & Cashback Link


This gift cardsdealing site has some amazing cash back rewards. The gift cards over here are sold at a minimum face off value. The face-off value is dependent on the type of gift card you are interested in. Once you purchase a gift card, suit your type. You can think of using it freely with not only cash back rewards. But, on acquiring a stack of gift cards. The face value lowers further. I had a shell gift card I acquired from the website. Initially purchased at 2% face off value. When I used it at the gas station. The cash back reward percentage was 1% of the total face off value. Not only this, I also got access to some of the specialized features offered by the gas station that cost almost 0.5% of the total face value. Hence besides earning rewards in the form of money. You can also enjoy certain facilities as rewards from the type of card you are using

Tip: Always try to look for the gift cards near a festive season. Because, around festivities, many gift cards have a low face-off value. Not only a low face-off value, but there are maximum rewards on gift cards of a festive season.

Raise - Reward & Cashback Link


If you are a student surviving on your monthly or weekly allowance. Raise is the ideal website for you. You can save a lot of cash here. Raise has a unique sales strategy. Here, you can find out unwanted gift cards at second hand face value. In other words, though, the gift cards would be in functioning. But, their face off value will be reduced to a two-third amount. You can simply go into the category of your own choice. Gift cards of all kinds are available here. From your trivial glossary shopping to the lavish stay-at-hotel on a trip, all kinds of gift cards are here. These gift cards offer their described cash back rewards. What's best about Raise is their one-year guarantee over the purchases you make. Once you make a specific purchase, an additional 4-6% off value is added to every purchase you make. You can access their newsletter, the moment you enter your email address. This is advantageous since you can get all kinds of new offers in an instant with the help of the push notifications.

Rakuten - Reward & Cashback Link


Basically a software development corporation, Rakuten also offers sales and trades by linking you with hundreds of other websites. Signing up on Rakuten offers you a $10 bonus, also called sign up bonus. Apart from this reward, it rewards you on every purchase you make.

Dosh - Reward & Cashback Link


Dosh is another app allowing you to earn cash back rewards. Here you are required to submit your credit card details. Once your credit card is being linked with the platform. It starts working. It connects you with all the online programs ensuring cash back. You receive cash back everytime a new program is launched and some participate in it. Moreover, it uses the geographical location of the user to track the details of businesses going on around you. Umph! Hmph! only those businesses which offer cash back rewards. This can be a good addition in your quick money making tools because of its unique modus-operandi.

Ibotta - Reward & Cashback Link


Ibotta is an app that has firmly developed the concept of digitalized trading. Here on Ibotta, you create a simple user account. It connects you with various online stores and platforms. You don't have to make any actual purchase. But just claim to purchase. Yes, you bid for purchasing an item or an offer. As a reward of the claim, you are rewarded with a fixed amount of cash. When you make a genuine purchase in the store. You don't have to go through certain hard and fast rules. All you need to do is scan your receipt offered by the web store and earn cash back rewards on it. The claim can be made on a wide category of products. Though, there are offers to claim too as a segment of the app.

Using these tools wisely, you can save upto $50 a week and almost $250 on a monthly basis. You can use these savings later on for secure investments too. These measures can assist you in earning a huge amount of fortune, employing the right kind of strategies.

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