Best BIN Checker Services to Consider for Your Business

by Trevor Rocious

Being defrauded has never been a great experience; a lot of people have been put into huge debts by fraudsters. Most of these cases were as a result of not checking a customer's BIN during a transaction. Bank Identification Number, also called BIN is debit- or credit card-related, i.e., the first 6 digits numbers on a card, that determines the legitimacy of such card. Thus, every card issuer has a format that they use to identify a holder - as I have mine, you have yours.

Since BIN is so consequential to avoid being scammed by credit card fraudsters, then a BIN Checker service is needed. What this service does is to confirm whether the numbers are legit or not. If the numbers are active/valid, then transactions could commence; however, if the numbers are invalid, then avoid making use of it.

The 5 Best BIN Checker Services

Currently, there is a list of BIN Checkers on the internet, but a few are quite exceptional. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to enlighten people on each of the 5 best BIN Checkers online. Hopefully, readers will get to use any of them to validate cards with utmost satisfaction.

FreeBINChecker - BIN Link


With about 700,000 BIN records in the database, FreeBINChecker is one of the best BIN checker services online. It is often used by both service providers and business owners to check the legitimacy of credit and debit cards. Like its name, it is a free service that can be used by several people simultaneously because of its advanced tool settings and incredible UI. This checker has a premium version for more professional use; thus, it provides users with more options for use.

FreeBINChecker is quite easy to use, as the only thing needed is to fill in the 6 number-digits of a card in the search option. It works well with all kinds of cards, and it provides all relevant information needed to prove its validity. Now, this web-app has an API that can be integrated into the system to prevent online credit scam further.

Additionally, users don't have to worry much about privacy because it has a policy for protection. The detail of this FreeBINChecker privacy policy is to make sure card details are automatically erased off after verification takes place. Thus, it is safe to use by all.

Finally, this online checker service has a feature to ensure users can validate different types of cards and other details such as card issuer, card type, card level, etc. It is updated continuously to provide accurate card data, and users can download online for free.

BankBINList - BIN Link

Another BIN Checker service with a huge database is BankBINList that boasts of over 320,000 BIN numbers. It was solely designed to make sure online credit fraud stays impossible. The database is used to check the validity of a card's BIN when entered. In the same vein, it provides all the necessary information needed for confirmation that is truly active for the user.

Now, there is a unique thing about this checker, and that's the unacceptance of liability. When there is inaccurate information after the card's BIN has been entered, no liability whatsoever is accepted, so that the system stays safe.

Also, BankBINList delivers two consequential checks - BIN link up and IP search. These checks are almost like the advanced function of this checker, as they make them useful. For the first check, i.e., BIN link up, when the first 6 digits are entered, this system helps to provide a user with all sorts of details as regards the issuer. Then, such a person gets to know whether to accept or not. The second check, i.e., IP search gets easy access to the location of the holder.

Currently, this checker service has more than 10 million IP addresses, so it can easily detect anyone's location. Besides, it works as a merger between two countries during the verification process. Overall, BankBINList can decide to approve or deny card details during any transaction, as deemed fit.

IIN BIN List - BIN Link


When it comes to ease of using a BIN checker service, IIN BIN List is the perfect choice to consider. It is an impressive checker as it has over 300,000 BIN numbers in its database. This huge database can be used to validate a credit or debit card in an eCommerce or online transaction. A significant feature that has kept the system for a long time in the hearts of many users is its reliability to provide accurate data that would save them from online scam. For its unbiased result, this Issuer Identification Number database is updated continuously.

IIN BIN List only requires the first 6 to 8 digits of a card number entered into the search option; then, it provides vital details that pertains to the issuer. In the same vein, BIN codes information is delivered further to validate the functionality of the card to a merchant. Also, JavaScript is provided by this online checker service to be used on the site.

Furthermore, the IIN BIN List checker works using an API that is incorporated into the payment system to provide more information. With whatever the holder says, a merchant can compare the card details with his/her words. Foul-play could be confirmed easily. Fortunately, the entire card confirmation or verification process doesn't take too much time at all - within a few seconds, and the results are out.

Danshort's BIN Checker - BIN Link

On the list of unmatched BIN checkers, CreditCardRush is one of those that provides merchants with all the necessary details needed about a card. This online checker is unique, as it has a feature most BIN services does not have - an auto-verification system. As soon as a user enters a customer's first 6 to 8 digits on the search option, results are out in a split of seconds. The system searches by getting into its vast database to confirm the legitimacy of the card. Also, if the input of the card is wrong, the system detects and returns to a blank search result on the page.

CreditCardRush prides itself in so many ways - one is its easy-to-use platform for all kinds of users; another is its responsive and user-friendly interface to get results. Most importantly, this online checker has several control options to aid quick data output, which makes it better than a few others online.

Since the purpose of this checker service is authenticate a customer's card and details, information such as card type, number, form of category, issuing country, are released. These details can be compared with the word-of-mouth verification; without a doubt, the data provided by the system is 100% accurate for the verification process.

BIN Checker - BIN Link

The last most sought-after BIN checker online is ExactBins that play a vital role in determining the integrity of a card. It is a perfect choice for merchants who want easy search and fast results. Integrating this service on an eCommerce website for payment will do several lots in authenticating credit and debit cards used in transactions. That way, it is possible to avoid online credit fraud.

ExactBins is a great tool that has a regularly updated database (gets updated monthly) that provides information such as card type, card subtype, card brand, name and so on. All that is needed is to input the first 6 digits of a BIN into the search option. If no information comes on or the customer does not match the details provided, the merchant gets to reject its use or cancel the transaction.

ExactBins has over 300,000 BIN numbers in its database so that users can get to assess a customer's card without hassle. Also, it has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use on all kinds of devices - mobile or PC. Overall, it is one of the best choices any merchant can get to secure a website from fraudsters who perform fake transactions.

Advantages of BIN Checker Services?

Advantagesof BIN Checker Services?
Advantagesof BIN Checker Services?

Knowing why BIN Checker Services are needed in online business is so important. There is a list of advantages users get when they incorporate them into their payment system for eCommerce websites.

1. Online BIN Checkers will help users know when information is false or true, as regards a customer's card details

2. The service protects against transaction fraud and online scams

3. Free tool to know so much about a client's credit or debit card

4. Gives full control and security to users

5. Offers great protection to card details after valid verification through a privacy policy

Online transactions are carried out several times in a day, and quite a lot of them are scams. A lot of businesses have been affected by these fraud acts because the necessary measures were not taken to decipher activities during transactions. With BIN Checker Services, things will change when carrying out dealings and trades online. Above is a list of the 5 best BIN Checkers on the internet that will do exceedingly beyond what is needed. Choose what is most suitable for business and incorporate it into the payment system on a website.

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