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by Trevor Rocious

Sitting before TV can be very inconvenient most times, and taking into consideration how evolution has happened to the media industry such that to see any movie, you are not going to buy a disc or and hardware whatsoever compulsorily.

Gaining access to the media world has been straightforward in recent times. You do not need to have the biggest of all gadgets to have access to media, but making use of the smallest device will be all that is required in order to enjoy the world of media.

Why Watching Free Movie Streaming Sites Online?

There are different advantages to using streaming services over other ways, and these include:


Using streaming services comes with so much convenience unspoken. As much as you can have a television in your bedroom, you cannot have the convenience you have compared to carrying a tiny gadget to bed. And using a streaming service to access media content allows you to do this. Access to media content on the go becomes possible when you capitalized on the usage of media content.

Space Optimization

Space optimization is another advantage of using a streaming service to access media content on the web. There is a reduction in space usage, both physical and on whatever gadget you are using. Physical in the sense that there will not be the reason to keep DVDs and all other related media of keeping contents. It also saves space on your gadget and time because instead of keeping downloaded movies on your system and devices, you can now enjoy content without burning so much space on what you could delete in no time.

Media Quality

Users do not have control over the quality of the media they receive on their access through discs and downloaded content. But with streaming websites and other streaming services, depending on the strength of your network connection, you can choose the preferred quality up to the highest media quality ever (1080p). This increases the pleasure derived from seeing movies, instead of being under stress to enjoy it.

Early Access to Content

Instead of waiting every time for the production and the availability of your favorite and expected movies, streaming services grant you early access to these contents. This gives you a tremendous edge over other users waiting for the same film or any media content whatsoever.

Organized Watch Space

With streaming services comes very organized watch space as this allows you to control what shows on your feed, or based on a particular genre of movies specified. The streaming services' content is automatically organized and categorized, which gives the user no stress whatsoever.

Lifted Restrictions

Online streaming services come with no restriction in any sense in as much the choice platform grants you full access. You do not get restricted to the number of movies you can watch at any point in time in as much as you remain connected. To switch between movies becomes more convenient and more accessible, and all of these great benefits come at little or no cost depending on the streaming services being used.

Summary of Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up

Here is the list of the 7 best free movie streaming websites, and the table below will provide a summary of them all.

Popularity based on Monthly users Ad Annoyance on the scale of 10 (with 10 as the most annoying website)
AZMovies 500,0006
YouTube 1,000,0007
Tubi TV 213,0004
Crackle 30,0005
IMDb TV 94,0005
Vudu 80,0005
PopcornFlix 10,0004

List of the free movie streaming sites

Having examined the advantages that come with using streaming services over other ways of accessing media content, this article will not stop there. Still, it will give you a premium and exotic list that will help you cut the cost of using these services, and this is the list of the free and best streaming sites out there.

With much assurance, you are going to love the ride. Grab a popcorn and sit to discover the list of websites that will give you the utmost content for the pleasure you desired.

AZMovies - Movie Site


AZMovies is a top-rated website for streaming movies. It is an ancient site that has proven its worth over time. The site has a great collection of movies available in very outstanding high streaming qualities, with even the highest quality 1080p.

Though a bit long, the site slogan has been the drive of this very fantastic site, and it is "Watch your favorite Movies here without any restrictions and limits; you just pick the movie and enjoy." As expected, the site is free to use, and that is why it made a list. It has an average ad intrusion. The users rated 6 of 10, with 10 being the most intrusive website, and its monthly visitors are over five hundred thousand (500,000).

YouTube - Movie Site


To no surprise, YouTube is ranked as one of the best free streaming sites for movies on the internet. It has extensive and comprehensive media content on a general note. It also offers a lot of free and incredible films to watch, which includes numerous public domain movies from well-known channels. These channels are titled Public Domain Cinema and Public Domain Films.

There is a section labeled "free to watch" on YouTube, and it will be an interesting fact to know that some of those streaming apps out there host their content on YouTube, such as PopcornFlix.

TubiTV - Movie Site


Tubi has become a top-rated site for streaming movies and TV shows for free without any subscription fee. It provides thousands of TV shows and movies for free even though it is ad-supported; it has minimal ad intrusion.

Tubi has a mobile app that can be gotten on Amazon app store, Roku, Google Play Store, Apple App Store. It has a monthly visitor of around 213,000, and the users rated it as 4 of 10 when it comes to ad annoyance, with 10 being the most annoying website.

Crackle - Movie Site


Otherwise called SonyCrackle, Crackle is a very unique and popular site that boasts a substantial array of original content and syndicated movie productions. A user once said, "For any movie buff, Crackle is a must." It has a range of genres to select from, including horror, crime, and great thrillers.

Apart from movies, Crackle also has amazing featured TV shows such as Charlie's Angels, Snatch Series, and Hell's Kitchen. Most users of Roku Free channels voted Crackle as the best channel there. Crackle has an average of 94,000 monthly visitors on the site, and on the scale of 10 (with 10 being the most annoying website), it is ranked 5 based on its ad annoyance.

IMDb TV - Movie Site


Owned and operated by Amazon, IMDb TV is a streaming site that has provided TV shows, Movies, IMDb original shows, and even documentaries. Even though to use it requires registering an account with the website, but like Tubi, they have a free service sponsored by Ad.

The website has a mobile app that allows you to enjoy content on the go, and they can boast of a premium service. IMDb TV has an average of 30,000 monthly visitors on the site, and on the scale of 10 (with 10 being the most annoying website), it is ranked 5 based on its ad annoyance.

Vudu - Movie Site


Vudu is an online streaming service that works on a video on a demand basis (VOD). It has a paid option but also a free option that works on minimal ad intrusion. The free option version is labeled "Movies on us."

To use Vudu, registering an account is not needed, and there is any need for the monthly subscription. This gives it a very significant edge over other streaming sites. Vudu has an average of 80,000 monthly visitors on the site, and on the scale of 10 (with 10 being the most annoying website), it is ranked 5 based on its ad annoyance.

PopcornFlix - Movie Site


Though it seems PopcornFlix came a bit later than its counterpart as it was launched in 2017, it has gained enough ground to break through the best free sites for streaming movies online. It has housed over 1500 films in diverse genres and categories ranging from action, family, documentaries, horror, comedy, and other foreign movies.

Using PopcornFlix does not need an account registration as it can be used in the go, and there isn't any need for a monthly subscription.PopcornFlix has an average of 10,000 monthly visitors on the site, and on the scale of 10 (with 10 being the most annoying website), it is ranked 4 based on its ad annoyance.


Now that you know the legal place you can watch movies for free, it will be a fantastic experience enjoying leisure time with really excellent content.

However, there are times that there will be throttle in the stream speed. A VPN is recommended for a full and uninterrupted streaming experience. Excellent ones of the VPNs include IPVanish, CyberGhost, WindScribe, Nord VPN are perfect examples that will be useful. It is also needed to bypass the location or regional limitation if there is any at all and protects your personal information from security breaches.

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