How to Follow Sports Online

by Trevor Rocious

It has never been easier to follow your favorite athletes and cheer on your team than it is right now. Just a few generations ago, the idea of watching every second of a game from several angles from just about anywhere in the world would have been laughable.

To watch a game of football or baseball, you'd have to attend the stadium in person. If you couldn't make it, you'd have to either listen to the results on the radio or wait until the next morning and read the match report in the newspaper.

How to Follow Sports Online
How to Follow Sports Online

Of course, television has completely revolutionized the way most of us watch our beloved teams compete, but even that has its limitations. After all, if you're not at home you can't carry around a giant television with you.

Thankfully, the internet has, like with many other areas of life, made watching sports much easier.

Pre-Game Insights

Most sports fans want to know what's happening in the build-up to a big game. That might be news about player injuries, predictions about who will make it into the starting lineup, and how the game could go.

Most sports news websites provide extensive coverage in the lead-up to events, particularly for all major leagues and tournaments.

Sportsbooks can also provide great insight for how pundits believe to be the most likely outcomes. Most bookies employ teams of oddsmakers that examine the past performances of the teams along with other statistics and information to make predictions about what is most likely to happen.

Here in the US, sportsbooks like William Hill have promo codes that can make certain bets even more attractive, but you can still check the standard odds to learn what oddsmakers are thinking.

Watching the Game

Watching the Game
Watching the Game

After all the talk, comes the main event. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to follow games live by using the internet. For many sports, it's now possible to stream games directly to a computer, smartphone, tablet, or other internet-connected device.

Some broadcasters have their own streaming services, so if you already pay for a cable or satellite sports package, you might be able to use that. If you don't, you may also be able to pay extra to get access to the cable company's streaming service.

Alternatively, some games may be available to watch through the league's own streaming service. For example, the NFL has its Game Pass service, a platform that gives you access to certain games live as well as on-demand highlights and exclusive content.

If you're not in a position to watch the game, perhaps because you're working or attending an event, then text commentary is usually available for most events. For some sports, Google even provides live scores and text commentary that you can access by just searching the name of one of the teams playing.

Sports broadcasters like ESPN also offer in-depth coverage that can be accessed through their websites.

The Aftermath

Crucial goals, questionable referring decisions, and blatant fouls are all big sources of discussion after a game. After the recent 2023 British Grand Prix, fans and journalists were still talking about the first-lap crash between title contenders Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen for weeks afterward.

If you want to get the latest insights, updates, and opinions from experts, players, coaches, and other fans, then the internet can provide you with an almost infinite supply.

Social media sites like Twitter can be great for this as journalists and fans can react to events in real-time and continue the debate and discussion for hours after the stadium lights have been switched off.

Most sports broadcasters will also carry articles, reports, and analyses as soon as the game is over.

YouTube is another great source for post-game information. Non-traditional media companies can often provide unique perspectives about events and often dedicate more time to discussing the minutiae TV broadcasters don't have time for.

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