Can I cancel or ‘unsend’ sent iMessages?

by Trevor Rocious

Since time immemorial, various methods of communication have been introduced by world inhabitants. Through these communication methods, you can interact with your family, friends, and colleagues seamlessly. One of the major communication methods adopted was interaction by mails. In this method, you have to put your messages into writings and send them by mail to your friends and target readers. With the consistent improvements in technological innovations, new methods of communication emerged.

The world witnessed the introduction of cell phones. Cell phones are used to make live calls and interact with your friends and colleagues on vital and other confidential matters. Also, the cell phone was used to send messages to friends and other individuals at a cost. It has a limit to the number of words you can send at a time. Hence, technology geeks improved on their research and came up with Android and iOS devices.

With the introduction of these devices, you can send an unlimited number of words as a message. You can also send media files and other confidential documents. These services have become possible with the development of various messaging apps. Examples of these messaging apps WhatsApp, Facebook, and many more. The messaging services on these platforms are free of cost. While sending messages on these messaging platforms, there may be an error. The error in the message can motivate you to delete the message before it marks it as delivered. When these messages are deleted, most people are skeptical and not sure - if the message was delivered on the receiver's device. Hence, there is a need to be sure that the message you deleted from your end was truly deleted. Therefore, today, I will tell you how you can delete a text message before it marks it as delivered and confirms that the receiver does not see the message.

Summary of Ways to Unsend sent iMessages?

The table below summarizes the features of WhatsApp and iMessage

Messaging Platforms Features
  1. Unlimited text messages.
  2. It has a mobile and desktop version.
  3. Media files can be shared on the platform.
  4. It offers voice and video call services.
  5. It offers voice messages.
  6. Documents can easily be shared on the platform.
  7. It offers end-to-end encryption services.
  1. Send unlimited SMS and MMS.
  2. Send media files seamlessly.
  3. It works perfectly with cellular data and Wi-Fi.

How You Can Delete a Message Before It is Delivered on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an excellent messaging platform that provides free messaging services to its users. Through the messaging platform, you can send unlimited messages, photos, videos, and other files you want to share with your friends and colleagues. WhatsApp allows its users to communicate as a group and also hold meetings on the platform. The platform also offers voice and video call service s to its users. All messages and other contents sent on WhatsApp are safe and secures from hackers and digital thieves. This is because it has an updated end-to-end encryption feature. WhatsApp has continued to improve its features and introduce new exciting features that will make the platform more comfortable for its users. When you send messages or files on WhatsApp, you can easily delete it before the recipient of the message reads it. The methods to delete the message are simple and easy to follow. In this section, I will be discussing the steps you must follow to delete sent messages on the famous messaging platform.

Retrieve a Message Before You Send It

Retrievea Message Before You Send It
Retrieve a Message Before You Send It

In this method, you can delete or get your message back before sending it to your WhatsApp account. To do this, you need to follow the simple steps discussed below

  • Long press the message that contains an error or the message you have sent in error.
  • Next, hit the "Options" icon and choose the delete icon.

It should be noted that this method works when the message is yet to be sent. This happens when your smartphone is not connected.

If you have sent the photo or video to the recipient, you can still stop it before it is delivered. To do this, you can follow the steps discussed below.

1. Turn off Your Data or Off Wi-Fi

The shortest and fastest way you can follow to stop the message from sending to the target contact is to put your smartphone in airplane mode. When your smartphone is in airplane mode, the network access on your smartphone will switch off. You can put your phone in airplane mode by tapping the airplane icon on the drop-down menu on the notification bar located at the top of your smartphone's screen. You can check if the message has been stopped from sending. All you have to do is to look out for the red exclamation sign beside the message you have stopped from sending.

2. Delete the Message

To delete the message, you will have to hit "Option" on the WhatsApp platform and select the delete option to clear out the content from your WhatsApp page. By doing this, nobody will see or read the message on your WhatsApp platform. The most important action you must take is speed. Hence, you must be familiar with your smartphone's operation and how to operate it faster and quicker.

Delete Messages Sent With Seven Minutes

This is not just a method of deleting messages on the WhatsApp platform; it is also part of its features. With this feature, you can delete a message sent within seven minutes. The message will be deleted, either it has bee read by the target receiver or not. To access this message delete feature, you need to update your WhatsApp to the recent version. To delete the message within seven minutes that it was sent, you can follow the simple and straightforward steps discussed below.

  • Open the contact or group that you sent the message to.
  • Figure out and select the message you want to delete.
  • Long press the message of interest. Then different options will appear at the top of the WhatsApp platform.
  • Hit the "Delete" icon by tapping the basket icon.
  • Next, select the option to delete for everyone. With this option, the message will become deleted on your WhatsApp page and on the message receiver's page.

How to Delete a Message After Seven Minutes

Howto Delete a Message After Seven Minutes
How to Delete a Message After Seven Minutes

If the message you sent to your WhatsApp contact has been delivered for over seven minutes, you can use this method to delete the message. In the method, you need to go back to your settings. Then change the time on your smartphone to the time the message fails within seven minutes so that you can delete it. When you do this, you will be able to delete the message faster and quicker. To perform this delete action, you can strictly follow the steps discussed below

  • Enable the airplane mode on your smartphone. With this, the internet services on your smartphone will be automatically disabled.
  • Close the WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • Launch your phone settings. Then change the time on your smartphone manually. Set the time back such that the time will be in the range of seven minutes after it was sent.
  • Disable the airplane mode to restore internet services.
  • Launch WhatsApp on the phone.
  • Open your chat with the target WhatsApp contact.
  • Long press the message. Then you will see different options at the top of the WhatsApp page.
  • Select the delete icon. The delete icon is designed with a basket-like appearance.

iMessage Platform

Many questions need concise answers in the heart of iPhone users that send messages through the iMessage platform. One of these questions is that they are not sure whether messages sent are delivered without when the receiver is not connected to the internet. For instance, if a friend is coming for a visit, and I sent a message to him. The message is marked as delivered, but I am not sure if my friend will receive it when connected to the internet-not forgetting that I deleted it when I discovered that he was out of connection at the time I sent the message.

How to Delete Messages Sent on iMessage Platform

When you send a message to your friend on the iMessage platform, it is not deleted on your friend's account. It will be delivered - once your friend can access the internet facility. This is because iMessage is committed to ensuring that your messages are sent to the target contact - the moment you hit "Send" on your iMessage platform.

The best method you can employ to delete the sent messages is to turn off your internet services before sending it. Then read through the messages to figure-out any error. Delete the message if there is an error. If no error is found in the message, you can tap the "Send" icon.

Wrap Up

The use of messaging platforms like WhatsApp and iMessage has made messaging services easier and quicker. These messaging platforms have exciting features you will never want to miss. Today, I have shared the steps you can follow to delete sent messages and also check if the message delivered was sent. Please read through and get informed about how you can use the delete features on these platforms.

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