The Best Survey Options That Pay Instant Cash

by Trevor Rocious

There are several surveys that pay instant cash whenever you participate and complete them. Survey sites are very helpful when it comes to seeking ways to earn extra income online. However, if you are looking out for instant ways to make money' this guide will show you the best surveys that pay cash instantly.

Instant cash can come in handy when there is a pressing need and the good thing about this money making opportunity is the fact you can explore it from the comfort of your home. Are you tired of constantly going to work every morning? Or do you just want to make passive income from doing what you love?

Whatever your reason, you can always earn instant cash online and the best way to do so is by taking paid surveys. You can make use of the free time used in surfing the web or scrolling through your phone to earn quick cash. This does not take much time or effort, it's basically getting paid for giving your opinion online.

You can take instantly paid survey on any device and at any time. You only need to figure out the best way to do so and that's the main purpose of this guide.

There are variety of survey sites that pay members to answer few questions about a product or service. These sites are legit and have been paying out thousands of dollars over the past few years. Many of them offers different reward programs based on the type of survey an individual completes. As an individual looking for ways to make extra income, you can definitely take advantage of these money making opportunities. When you take paid surveys, you will get paid instantly.

Survey options that pay cash instantly are numerous but I have listed the best of the bunch. You have nothing to worry about as all the sites I will be talking about are reliable and very legit. They also offer low threshold and amazing reward program. Ensure you study the article and check out each of the options listed.

The Best Survey Options That Pay Instant Cash

The Best Survey Options That PayInstant Cash
The Best Survey Options That Pay Instant Cash

Here are survey options to explore when seeking for ways to get paid instantly;

Cash Crate - Survey Site

Cash Crate
Cash Crate

This site offers some of the best surveys online. The user interface is friendly and easy to navigate. This platform offers a wide variety of vetted opportunities to make extra cash online and a major example is the numerous surveys available.

There are several vetted opportunity categories on Cash Crate such as;

  • Paid Surveys : Getting paid to share your opinion.
  • Rewards : Getting paid to do nothing via reward programs.
  • Side Hustles : Making money from part time jobs.
  • Shopping : Getting cash back rewards on your purchases.

You can register on the site to have access to fill out surveys of your choice while you get paid instant cash. Signing up on Cash Crate is free and you will receive instant email confirmation once the sign up process is complete.

You can earn $1.0 to $5.0 USD from each survey your complete depending on the category and the minimum cash out threshold is $20.0. Get paid via PayPal.

Survey Club - Survey Site

Survey Club
Survey Club

Just as the name implies, this is a platform specially dedicated to paid surveys.

This is one of the easiest way to earn instant cash by sharing your opinion on products and brands. Survey Club was established in the year 2005 and it has since developed into a global survey platform. There are over 16 million members across six continents and each member can participate in featured surveys such as Food Survey, Buyers Survey and General Opinion Survey.

This site is legit and also offers great benefits from studies and research projects.

To Get Started :

  • Visit the website and click " Join Now" to create an account.
  • Create an account for free by providing your personal information.
  • Verify the account and start earning instant cash and extra rewards.

Survey Club will connect you with the best paid surveys available on the internet.

Mind Mover - Survey Site

Mind Mover
Mind Mover

The Mind Mover Connect is a worthy online market research community that offers people the opportunity to earn instant cash for giving their opinions.

This survey platform is specially designed for members living in the United Kingdom. I have included it in this guide so you can access the opportunity available to make instant cash on the site whenever you visit the U.K.

Here is how Mind Mover works :

  • Visit the site to create an account if you live in the UK.
  • Take part in several online surveys of your choice.
  • Earn reward points after completing each survey.
  • Share your opinions to earn prizes and instant cash rewards.
  • Stay online to interact with members of the community weekly.

Mind Mover offers varieties of exciting surveys based on consumer products and you can suggest consumer preference and habits to big brands and companies. Whatever survey you complete, you will get paid instant cash without delay. You can earn up to $2.0 per survey within few minutes and cash out threshold is $20.

Branded Surveys - Survey Site

Branded Surveys
Branded Surveys

This platform is the home of tailored surveys. It was formerly known as MintVine.

Branded Surveys is a leading global market research community. It is one of the best ways to earn instant cash by completing online surveys. You can choose from different types of surveys and earn as high as a dollar per survey. This survey site will pay you for sharing your views and opinions

How to Get Started :

  • Sign Up : Visit Branded Surveys website to create an account.
  • Verify Profile : Answer simple questions about your personal details.
  • Customize Your Profile : Tailor your interests to special surveys.
  • Cash Out : Get points from completed surveys and redeem via Branded Pay.

You can also join and participate in daily offers such as polls and challenges.

Ipsos I-Say - Survey Site

Ipsos I-Say
Ipsos I-Say

This online platform is a legit paid survey site owned by a market research company known as Ipsos. It is one of the most popular research companies.

You can make quick cash on this amazing survey platform by sharing your honest opinion about different products and services. This is a social site where millions of users celebrate the power of their voice. It is an online reward community.

You can share your views about a product or brand with "I-Say" and the major benefit is that fact you can choose the reward that is simply perfect for you.

You can complete surveys and earn points reward while you get to redeem them for variety of rewards. Furthermore, it has a profitable loyalty reward program.

This survey site also has a mobile app version for Android and iOS users.

The price range for each survey varies and the cash out limit is determined by the number of points acquired which is 500 points. You can cash out via PayPal.

You can check out i-Say featured rewards to view all the rewards available.

Opinion Outpost - Survey Site

Opinion Outpost
Opinion Outpost

The final survey platform on this list is known as Opinion Outpost. This is a market research panel that pays you to take surveys in your spare time. As a member, you will constantly receive emails of relevant paid surveys that will benefit you.

How Opinion Outpost Works :

  • Join : Visit the website and join millions of active users by signing up.
  • Share : Test new products and take part in paid online surveys.
  • Earn : Get points reward from series of activities on the platform.

This survey platform is available on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

You can earn as high as 50 points per survey. The numbers of surveys you can participate in monthly is endless and $390.0 USD gets paid out every month. When it comes to instant payment, Opinion Outpost stands out as you will get paid within 15-minutes - 48-hours of your cash out request. Cash out limit is $10.


Getting paid instant cash after completing surveys online simply means having the access to withdraw your earned cash with minutes or few hours rather than waiting for several weeks. The survey sites listed in this guide have variety of surveys and will pay you instantly. This is a good way to get quick cash online.

You must have a PayPal account attached to your profile on these sites so as to have a payment platform where you can receive your earned cash. Most of these sites won't send money directly to your local bank. It is also important to take surveys on sites with low cash out threshold which helps your chances of earning quick cash within a short period of time. The sites listed in this guide fits the bill.

Ensure you check out each of the site reviews to see what people have to say about their services. Finally, make sure you avoid any platform that are not legit as you might fall victim of scam. Stick to the sites listed in this guide.

Kindly share your views and opinion about this guide in the comment section.

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