Best Jobs For Teens To Make Easy Money

by Trevor Rocious

Best Jobs For Teens To Make Easy MoneyIf you're a teenager and reading this, then there are couple times when you feel uncomfortable have to ask your parents for Money to take Care of all your needs. From buying lunch to Getting a Christmas dress. If you've relied on your parents for every little thing, there's a huge probability that you will struggle to survive on your own when you get older.

True! It's their responsibility to take care of you till you're old enough to do so on your own. But you do not have to ask them for a few euros all the time. Contrary to what you believe, you can earn few bucks on your own as a teenager without any a degree or certificate.

There are lots of opportunities out there for you to tap from. How will you feel if you're able to afford your next Christmas present or throw up a surprise birthday party without relying on mum or Dad? You might be reading this and thinking," Oh this is another get rich quick scheme".

Far from it. In this Guide, I will be showing you legitimate means of making money as a teenager. The good part is that you necessary don't have to walk miles to land a job. Neither do you have to spend countless hours looking for vacancies. You can start a work from home job and be your own boss today!

What You Must Know Before Applying For A Job

What You Must Know Before Applying For A Job
What You Must Know Before Applying For A Job

Labor is subject to strict regulation to prevent abuse. Thus, before the age of 14, it is not allowed for a child to start a professional activity. But, in a private setting and in circumstances that have nothing to do with slavery, you’re allowed to do a little activity to earn some pocket money. You will need your parent's permission to work as a teen and there must be a condition that such job poses no mental or physical stress to you.

If you're under 16 and wish to get a job on your own, your salary is bound to be under the control of your parent. In most countries, Children working under the age of 16 can only receive 60% of their salary while those older 90%.

Working from home is always the safest choice for teens. First, you need no capital or degree. You can earn for providing services online. In the modern world, Digital skills are high in demand. All you need is a laptop and internet connection to get started.

In order for your parents to let you do your little business, it's important that you earn their trust by doing your house chores. Your desire to make money should not stop you from accomplishing them.

Listen to your parents' advice when they forbid you to go to certain places that they consider dangerous for your safety. Ask for advice from your parents or older people before starting any commercial activity. It will Surprise you to see that they are full of good ideas, because when they were your age, they also took such steps.

How to make money when you're a teen

How to make money when you're a teen
How to make money when you're a teen

There are various work opportunities for teenagers. If you're determined to free yourself and gain financial freedom then this guide is all you need. This isn't the type of freedom that sends you packing out of your Parents house at a teenage age but sends you on the path of Greatness

The odd jobs

The possibilities are very many for a minor who wants to know how to make money. You can, for example, ask your parents for permission to go offer your skills to a neighbor they trust. You can earn a few euros by mowing the lawn, washing cars or windows of neighboring houses. You can also keep small children, if you really know the associated methods, or walk the dog, clean the paths of your neighbors...

These are all odd jobs that will teach you to be well equipped to start adult life by experimenting with various tasks. Moreover, it allows you to attend to your needs without waiting for your parents to do so.

Having to deal with the stress of work is a daunting task for any teenager especially one with a records at school. When the going gets tough, always seek your parent's advice. Maintain healthy relationship with your customers at all-time even during provocative situations.

As a starter, you wouldn't want to get into competition. So set your rates and be reasonable when setting your prices. You need pocket money. It is not a full salary. It's better to charge low. But, it's recommended not to over-promise to attract a lot of people only to scare them off with your price.

Small businesses

If you have the soul of a trader, you could also use this talent to make money. If you like small treats, there is a probability those around your age also do. So you can start selling cookies or homemade cakes. The neighbors around you will become your customers and you will fill your pockets.

You can also decide to sell your old business. Like your toys that you no longer use or your old clothes. You can, of course, offer them by generosity. But you could get some euros. If a garage sale or a consignment sale is organized near you with the permission of your parents and under their supervision, you can go out and sell your belongings.

If you're talented and Skillful, you could try making small items like Knitted Caps, pearl necklaces, stuffed animals that will be easy for you to sell around your neighborhood. You.

Catering Service

Catering Service
Catering Service

This job is one of the most common among teenagers. It allows you to increase your income and to be able to better support yourself. You can work in a fast food restaurant or an Eatery as a Waiter or Waitress. Not only will you get enough money for your small purchases, but very often, Good tips from customers which helps you earn extra.

This job requires a good physical condition. It is not necessary to be muscular, but fit to run around without breaking down. If you have health problems (such as back problems), this may not be the best option for you


Taking care of other people's Children is a smart way of earning money. Most mothers aren't always comfortable leaving their kids under the care of house-keepers. Rendering this type of service, you should first win their trust. You must love children and know how to manage their little whims. You need a good dose of patience and an excellent sense of humor to have fun with them.

To make them hooked on you and thus guarantee the attachment of their parents, find all the possible ways to put them at ease and make them happy. With the permission of their parents, do not hesitate to bring them toys that will help you distract them. The parents will fall completely under your spell; an excellent point to guarantee future cash flows in.

Private Tutoring

If you have good knowledge of certain subjects, you can make the most of it. You can help young children in your neighborhood do their homework and improve their academic performance. The most challenging subjects are usually science subjects and languages. In case you are comfortable in these, you can offer your services as a private teacher.

This type of activity can be very profitable and gain you more client as long as you help the children get better grades in the classroom. The parents will be very grateful and will enjoy keeping you as long as possible as a tutor. You will, thus, have stable incomes. You can even offer this type of course online. Generally, language classes are very popular on the web. You can post your ads on specialized platforms.


Freelancers are making tons of money on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. If you have a digital skill, you can start earning from it right away. The good part is that you need Zero capital to start up. With the power of the internet and a laptop, you're on your way to getting started. You can work online for few hours daily. This ensures the balance between academics and Business is in check.


Starting out as a teenager is hard for everyone. You will face many ups and downs that you may feel like giving up. Your age isn't a barrier as long as you give your client what they want. A side-business may grow to become a full-time Business if well planned. If you're determined to try out one of the options listed above, we recommend you exercise a great deal of patience when starting. Be consistent and Work hard whenever you finally land your first job as a teenager. The Key to making more sales is up-selling to clients. To improve your skills, always enroll for courses.

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