The Best Free VPN Services for Your Laptop

by Trevor Rocious

The Best Free VPN Services for Your Laptop

Most of today's Internet users prefer laptops for everyday activities, surfing the Internet, or playing games. The small laptop allows you to take it on any trip, to a cafe, or even for a walk. Your device is always with you, and you can solve any problem. Unfortunately, not all users know how important it is to maintain anonymity on the network.

This is very important because many sites can identify your location, and scammers can steal your data. Only with a VPN service, you can protect yourself and make your online presence invisible to others. This is very easy to do by connecting to remote servers. Here is a list of the best free services to keep you anonymous online.


It is a completely free service that is compatible with various operating systems and offers strong encryption. The main advantage of such a service is huge access to servers, various security settings, and the ability to get unlimited connections to various sites. You can also use this for torrenting and bypassing regional censorship.

The main advantages are that you do not need to spend your money every month. That is why this VPN service is especially suitable for students. You can save some money and spend it on a writing service. Just ask someone, "Can you write a paper for me?"


The second option on our list has no fewer servers and different options. The only difference is that you can only get 10GB of data per month. If you use It for Internet surfing or communication on social networks, then this volume will be enough for you. The main plus is that you get adaptive technology that can change the direction of traffic and switch you between different addresses if any technical failure occurs.

This is why you can watch movies and TV shows in high quality on your favorite platform. You need to be careful about your security when you spend too much time watching your favorite content. This is especially true if you are a student and you need to prepare your papers on time. Then you should try a custom essay order.

Hotspot Shield

This option is most interesting for those who love special apps and an extension for browsers. You can also install the software on your smartphone or tablet. You should understand that traffic is limited and you need to spend it wisely on your daily activities.

Nevertheless, this is still one of the best options since you can access various servers and relatively high speeds to search for important information on the Internet or communicate with friends on social networks. The application has a user-friendly interface and quick settings that are easy to understand even for a beginner.

It is a convenient solution for students, managers, and people who need to be in touch frequently and use social services. If you want to use it for free, you have 10GB and a connection to servers in 4 countries. Nevertheless, this is sufficient for most everyday tasks and viewing streaming services.

The application also has a convenient automatic mode for configuring servers and encryption protocols that will allow your data to be completely protected. There is also an emergency shutdown of the Internet connection if the application stops working. This is a kind of additional protection if something goes wrong.


It is a reliable VPN service that offers multi-layer encryption technology. You can also connect to a streaming service, download large files, or chat with friends, don't care if your location can be identified. You can also count on access to servers located in 23 countries. This provides the fastest connection. The only problem is the traffic limit.

You can only use 500MB of data per month. It is a very small tariff plan, but you don't have to pay for it. Such volume is enough for you to communicate on social networks and send important messages to your friends. You shouldn't care that intruders can intercept your traffic.


This option is suitable for those who do not want to install any additional software other than the browser. Opera allows you to activate the connection to specific servers and get a high degree of anonymity. The main plus is that you can safely use the browser on public Wi-Fi networks. This is very important because most cybercriminals break into someone else's data in cafes, restaurants, or stores.

You can also use email or various banking transactions to take action without worrying about someone else tracking you. Considering that this is a free browser extension that does not have a traffic limit. This is a good option for you. Of course, you will have to accept that the remote server's speed will not be very high anytime. But this is compensated by the absence of additional requirements and the ability to use the extension without registration.

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