Best Free Movie Applications to Watch Movies Online

by Trevor Rocious

Movies have been a way to get entertained, and like many other things, it has evolved over the years, starting from the live stage acting to VHS productions, CD/DVD productions now to cinema and online cinema.

Days, when people keep collections of films at home, are long gone. And getting positioned to the recent trend in the world means going digital in our readers such that our playlist will not be in the disc we can see, but on the digital collections, we have online.

So, in recent times, to see any movie whatsoever, all that is needed is an internet connection and digital device to connect to the internet.

Pros of Watching Movies Online Over Keeping Physical Media and Downloading

1. Early Access

Instead of waiting for disc production or the availability of your favorite and expected movies in your locality or download website, having access to the streaming platform grants you early access to the film, which is such a tremendous edge over others waiting for it.

2. Organized watch Space

Streaming movies online affords access to an organized watch space as the contents are automatically categorized and organized, giving the user no stress of usage. This reduces the stress of search for the next disc to play, and with the simple search and play on every streaming platform, streaming movies become easier.

3. Easy Access

Access to the content on streaming platforms is not a function of anything, and it is easier to access them than any other media platform. Comparing the stress of disc purchase, and navigating through the download websites proves that using streaming platforms is much easier than other options available.

Prosof Watching Movies Online Over Keeping Physical Media and Downloading
Pros of Watching Movies Online Over Keeping Physical Media and Downloading

4. Convenience

There is a level of convenience that comes with streaming movies is way exceeding than other means of watching movies. Looking at the simplicity of the gadgets needed to stream online, it makes streaming come handy and allows you to see any film of your choice anywhere, anytime. This means that I can use a subscription to stream on any gadget available at any point in time.

5. Local and hard drive space consumption

Buying and keeping the disc in recent times is way too obsolete as it required a portion of space to store them. This can be replaced by capitalizing on streaming movies online instead of spending so much on discs collections and allowing them to eat up spaces that could have been used for something else. The same goes for keeping movies on gadgets in the case of downloading.

6. No Restrictions

Streaming movies online comes with no restriction whatsoever in as much the platform you are using grants you full access. There are no restrictions on the number of movies that can be seen at any point in time and even the categories. Switching movies too becomes more accessible and more convenient. And all of these benefits are at little or no cost depending on the platform being used to stream.

7. Quality Movies

Spending money on buying DVDs can often be like a trap because the movie's quality is unpredictable. The same goes for downloading movies, and it might be costlier or rather impossible to get your favorite movies in the quality you desired. But streaming movies bridged this gap, and it gives you the possibility of being liberty in the choice of what quality to see at any time you want.

List of the Best Free Movie Applications to Watch Movies Online

Having considering the advantages of streaming movies online, the following emphasis will be on the platform used for streaming, and this is determined by the cost and the ease of access of each of these platforms. Using some of these platforms comes with a price, and this might be one of the cons of streaming movies online, but with the comprehensive range platforms that grant you access to content online free, the disadvantage is eradicated.

As we look through the list of the best applications to stream movies online , grab your popcorn because it is going to be an exciting ride. So, here is the list of the best free application to watch movies online.

PopcornFlix - Movie Site


PopcornFlix is a smart option for streaming websites. It gives an extensive range of movies to watch and enjoy, as the app creates a division between TV shows, movies, and viral videos. The division also has different categories under them, like in the movies section, there are varieties of movies to pick from depending on your choices, e.g., drama, actions. And there are such features as staff picks that recommend a great film to see.

This app has popular movies loaded on it, and you won't have a closed option of less-popular movies. For it to be free, PopcornFlix made the platform ad-sponsored, but the advertisement there is concise ad bearable.

This application is available on Android, Apple, Xbox One, Roku, PS4, Kindle, and many more.

Tubi - Movie Site

Best Free Movie Applications to Watch Movies Online: Tubi
Best Free Movie Applications to Watch Movies Online: Tubi

Tubi is another excellent and popular option for a streaming application. It is known for the comprehensive catalog of movies that are neatly categorized by the genre. The genre there includes Romance, Comedy, Horror, action, and many others. The application also offers a hitch-free movie player that allows you to watch movies without any issues, and the movies on the app are of high quality.

A very significant feature that make this app widely accepted is that all films on the app have subtitles, and this broke the language barrier in explorations of movies on the application. Tubi allows you to add more movies to your queue, and they are accessible on different devices you are logged in with an option of screencasting.

Tubi is available on iOS, Android, Roku, PlayStation 4, Amazon Kindle Fire, Xbox One, and it is free to use.

SonyCrackle - Movie Site


Sony Crackle got so much reputation because of the parent company name, which is Sony Pictures and has ever since lived up to the exerted reputation. Sony Crackle is known for the best collection possible of the free movies online, and it has a cool mix of the new popular film and the old classic ones.

Sony Crackle is free, and it is available on Roku, iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Pluto TV

Pluto TV has risen as one of the free movie applications that are rich in unique features, and it is also known for its straightforward design of the user interface. It has dedicated TV channels for free movies, and also there is a live channel that allows you to watch movies on the go as they are being played.

Pluto TV comes with an immaculate and friendly movie player with different language subtitles made available for many of the free movies. The app is available on iOS, Roku, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, PS4, and it is free.


FilmRise is another fantastic and fantastic app that offers free TV and movie experience. It gives you full access, but even though it is ad-sponsored, it has a minimal intrusion of an ad. The app's home screen at launch allows you to scroll through a very heavy category of movies. There is also a browse button that will enable you to filter the TV, movies, and other contents that are added recently to the app.

In the search function feature is an in-built trending list that allows you to see what other users are watching. The only thing that most user complains of is the fact that the catalog is filled with old movies mostly, and the new ones are down the mix for search.

FilmRise is free to use, and it is available on Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Windows/Xbox, iOS, Roku.


Vudu is a free application available on iOS, Android, Windows/Xbox One, PS 3, PS 4, and Roku. It has a unique and fantastic collection of movies that are free, and the app catalog is one of the biggest possible for watching movies for free. The app is updated regularly with new content added over time.

The app allows you to choose the preferred quality to watch your free movies. The free movies on the app are straightforward to find as they have a "Free with Ads" label.


One advantage Plex has over other apps is that it works on almost any device since they are a media device. It can also be used to stream news, podcasts, and online shows. The app has or instead says it works like a basic search engine that allows you to tweak keywords to get a variety of movies you'd like if you are not sure of a particular movie title.

Plex player has a fantastic feature that allows you to continue your watch where you left it, and it is a tremendous feature that does not get you concerned about leaving the app to do other things.

It is a free app available on Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle Fire, PlayStation 4, Roku, and Xbox One.

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