All Mcdonald'S Statistics and Interesting Facts in 2023

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As the world continues to advance, people get involved in various activities. Many a time, the daily engagements of the working population give chances to the demand for fast food. With their sensitivity to the working population's fast-food demands, McDonald's was introduced by two siblings to cater to all individuals' fast food needs.

When you hear the term "McDonald's," what comes to the mind of all teenagers is burgers. The company has become the world's biggest and largest fast-food restaurant. Since its inception, McDonald's has sold billions of food items to its customers. It has millions of active customers that visit its restaurants daily. The food industry has recorded tremendous success that cannot be matched by other fast-food companies. McDonald's exciting and fantastic services necessitates the need to discuss the fast-food company's fascinating facts and statistics. With that said, today, I will be telling you the statistics and interesting facts about McDonald's in 2023.

History of McDonald's

McDonald's is a fast-food chain company with an exciting history that will be of immense benefit to upcoming food companies. The fast-food company was founded by two siblings called Maurice and Richard McDonald. The company started in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant. Eight years later, McDonald's was rebranded to become a quick-service restaurant. As the day goes by, the company continues to add new items, styles, and strategies to improve its services to its highly esteemed and prospective customers. The consistent improvement in their services contributed to the success recorded and positioned the company as the largest and leading fast food provider globally.

Summary of Mcdonald'S Statistics and Interesting Facts in 2023

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of patronizing McDonald's restaurants.

Pros Cons
It is the best choice for breakfast and launch.Some believe McDonald's food items are not healthy.
Food items are sold at affordable prices.
The prices of the food items are commensurate with the quality of food sold to customers.
Food is available at all times of the day.
It offers excellent delivery and takeaway services to its customers.

Interesting Facts and Stats About McDonald's History

InterestingFacts and Stats About McDonald's History
Interesting Facts and Stats About McDonald's History
  • Maurice and Richard McDonald established McDonald's on May 15, 1940.
  • McDonald's was their first barbecue restaurant and situated at San Bernardino, California, in the United States on May 15, 1940.
  • McDonald brothers rebranded the restaurant and also introduced the "Speedee Service System" in 1948.
  • Also, in 1948, McDonald's started selling cheeseburgers and hamburgers to its customers.
  • The McDonald brothers purchased appliances from Ray Kroc to fast track the activities of their hamburger restaurant. This ended the services of waiters and waitresses in the McDonald's restaurant.
  • Ray Kroc, a franchise businessman, became a partner to the McDonald brothers in their fast-food chain company on April 15, 1955. Ray Kroc paid for equity to join the company. The equity purchases by Kroc covers the global branding of the company. Both McDonald brothers and Ray Kroc later had a dispute about the control of their business activities.
  • On May 4, 1961, the fast-food company applied to get a U.S trademark with its name "McDonald's" and "m" as the new trademark logo. Also, in 1961, the McDonald brothers were bought out by the McDonald's corporation.
  • In 1962, the tall golden yellow arches became the global mascot for the fast-food company.
  • By 1965, a mascot clown called Ronal McDonald was unleashed to advertise their fast food services to the target audience like children.
  • In 1966, McDonald's has introduced milkshakes and fries to their menu list. It also introduced the Filet-O-Fish sandwich as the first item included in its national menu.
  • By 1968, hot apple pie and The Bic Mac was introduced by McDonald's.
  • In 1970, McDonald's included Shamrock Shakes as part of their offers on St. Patrick's Day.
  • In 1973, the fast-food company included Quarter-Pounded to its national menu list. Also, McDonald added Egg McMuffin to their menu list in 1975. Herb Peterson created the Egg McMuffin.
  • In 1979, McDonald's introduced Happy Meals, while Chicken McNuggets was added to its menu list in 1983.
  • In 1988, McDonald's has recorded an estimated 10,000 restaurants globally.

Demographic and Usage Statistics of McDonald's

Demographicand Usage Statistics of McDonald's
Demographic and Usage Statistics of McDonald's

Since its establishment in the fast-food world in 1940, McDonald's has continued improving its services. The fast-food company has become popular with excellent services enjoyed in more than 100 countries. McDonald's has got some exciting demographic and usage stats you will desire to know. These demographic and usage stats are discussed below.

  • McDonald's restaurants are presently available in 120 countries of the world.
  • With the rapid opening of McDonald's restaurants in various parts of the world, it presently has over 38,695 restaurants worldwide. This figure will continue to increase daily. In a few years to come, the number of restaurants will increase to 40,000 globally.
  • The United States of America hosts about 40% of McDonald's restaurants. It has more than 14.160 restaurants in the United States.
  • The total number of McDonald's restaurants in the United States is greater than the number of hospitals available in the country.
  • Japan is the second country with the highest number of McDonald's restaurants. It has about 2975. Also, China has 2391, and Germany has 1470 to emerge third and fourth, respectively.
  • Parents and young children are the biggest customers of McDonald's. Teenagers and business owners are the second and third biggest customers of McDonald's.
  • The largest gender that enjoys eating at McDonald's restaurants in the United States is the females.
  • The section of people attracted to McDonald's restaurants is the middle-class people.

Sales and Customer's Stats and Facts of McDonald's

Studies have shown that the fast-food company serves about 1% of the world populace every day. The company sells billion of fast foods daily. If you are interested in knowing about the stats and facts about McDonald's customers and sales, take your time to read the points discussed below.

  • McDonald's serves more than 70 million customers daily. It was reported that the customer traffic recorded by McDonald's is greater than the entire population of the United Kingdom.
  • McDonald's sells an estimated 80 hamburger every single minute worldwide.
  • McDonald's sells more than 12 million pounds of fried items daily throughout the 120 countries its services cover. The fast-food company also sells more than one billion Bic Macs yearly.
  • McDonald's is the leading and largest toy distributor worldwide. Surveys reveal that the company distributes more than 1.5 billion toys yearly.
  • As a McDonald's customer, you can order fast food in more than 22,500 McDonald's restaurants.
  • If you love home delivery services, you can get it from more than 8000 McDonald's restaurants in 47 countries worldwide.
  • It has been reported that McDonald's sells over 200 coffees in every 30 seconds globally. The fast-food company also offers 95% of its Happe Meals in fruit, low fat, and dairy-free option.
  • The fast-food company uses more than 2500 eggs and 2000 pounds of beef every minute to produce delicious food.
  • The most famous McDonald's food items are the Big Mac and French fries.

Fast Selling Food Items in McDonald's Restaurants

FastSelling Food Items in McDonald's Restaurants
Fast Selling Food Items in McDonald's Restaurants

1. Happy Meal

2. Apple Pie and Apple Slices

3. Big Mac

4. Snack Wraps

5. French Fries

6. Egg McMuffin

7. Chicken Nuggets

8. Double Cheeseburger

9. McGriddles Breakfast Sandwich

10. Premium Salads

McDonald's Financial Reports in 2023

McDonald's is one of the most famous and largest fast food industry worldwide. Hence, the company cash in a huge amount of money yearly. The financial stats of McDonald's are interesting and will also inspire you. These financial stats are discussed below.

  • The net worth of McDonald's is estimated to be around $170 billion.
  • The net worth of the land area where McDonald's restaurants are located is estimated at $16-$18 billion.
  • The headquarter of McDonald's is located in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States.
  • The revenue of McDonald's was estimated at $21.08 billion in 2019. However, the revenue has declined because of the pandemic that caused the economic downturn worldwide. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 75% of McDonald's restaurants operate by focusing on delivery, takeaway, and drive-through.
  • Since its establishment in 1940, McDonald recorded the highest revenue of $28.11 billion in 2013.
  • McDonald's is identified as the 4th largest employer of labor in the world. The company has more than 2.5 million employees worldwide.
  • McDonald's hires more than one million employees yearly in the United States.
  • Over 93% of McDonald's restaurants employ franchising as a method of expanding their fast-food businesses.
  • McDonald recorded a net income of $6.1 billion in 2019. The net income recorded was the highest since its establishment. The net income of McDonald's was $5.9 billion in the year 2018.


McDonald's, also known as McD, is a leading and largest fast-food company globally. The company has many impressive stats and facts that can motivate you as an upcoming entrepreneur. Today, I have discussed the engaging facts and stats you will love to know about your popular and most visited fast food restaurant. Please go through them, and I hope the content will help and inspire you to become successful in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

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