Best Places to Learn Photoshop for Free

by Trevor Rocious

One of the most announced software when it comes to the media industry is Adobe Photoshop. It is a gold mine to whoever wants to thrive in the media world without much stress and work and serves as a golden standard for all the photo editing application out there. The truth is it can be very hard to see photos edited without using photoshop and also people have been doing creative works on photoshop. And above all, it is one of the very lucrative skills you will see out there.

PayScale concluded that Adobe Photoshop as a skill will generate $18.45 at an hourly rate and $50,716 compared to what a graphic designer who uses just any software can generate on an average ($45,135 per year and $17.38 hourly rate). These figures prove that having skill in Adobe Photoshop is a very lucrative one. However, outside the money, here are some other reasons to learn adobe photoshop:

  • To express your creative self
  • To improve your career and boost your CV
  • To save yourself and your company/business money

With attention to the figure adobe photoshop can generate, one will think to learn it will be overly expensive, but there are places to learn photoshop free of cost or the cheap places to get the skill. Listed below is the overview of these places.

Summary of Sites to Learn Photoshop for Free

Listed below is the summary of the list of places to learn photoshop for free or almost for free:

Website Free or Paid
Phlearn Free
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials 100% Free
  1. Houses both Free and Paid courses
  2. (has a very popular photoshop course for around $19 lifetime access)
Photoshop Café Free
Tuts+ Free but there are premium contents too
Digital Tutors $29 per month $25 per month (extra charges for some other features)

How to to Learn Photoshop for Free in Detail

Phlearn - Link


Directed by Aaron Nace, Phlearn has over time built a comprehensive collection of video tutorials that cut across almost every aspect of design. And these videos taught a great number of the basic and even the advanced techniques of photoshop. These tutorials include the very special range of diverse special effects.

These mentioned above make Phlearn a very good place to learn the use and mastering of photoshop. Also, Phlearn is a learning place that connects you to almost all the resources you will need for the photoshop adventure in just a place (their website). Though there is a subscription module to have full access to their materials, a number of contents on the website are free.

Also, their channel on YouTube is known as a place with numerous free contents that can help a beginner in their adventure to mastering photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Link

 AdobePhotoshop Tutorials
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

This place really would be the very good point of starting because if your goal is ever to learn and master Photoshop, it will be very good to go back to the source and the creator of the software. And photoshop creates such opportunity for their users to learn and improve in the usage of the software they created.

Adobe itself offers access to a wide plethora of tutorials and DIY videos that are specially designed to help your start from the grassroots of design and gather the basic knowledge and familiarity you ever need on your journey to master photoshop. Starting from grants you an advantage because it is more like looking through the user manual of the software you are about to use. The contents on the website are equally free and can be accessed anytime including your leisure.

The website split the tutorials on this website into various categories based on the minimum skill level the user has. And for the complete beginners, it is very advisable that they begin with the overview of Adobe Photoshop which will make you familiar with the interface of the software. Upon the completion of this, you can move to the intermediate section that will familiarize you to the basic and common features and actions on photoshop, like color correction, masking, vector and shape tools, arrangements of layers and working with levels and curves.

Mastering these tools will allow you to start the project-based assignments and tutorials which will take you through a whole project from start to finish.

Photoshop Café - Link

Photoshop Café

This website is another excellent and great place to have access to resources and tutorials to up one's skills in photoshop for free. Even though it seems like the contents in the website are more similar to those on the others, but the great advantage Photoshop Café has is the simplicity of language in the presentation of the tutorials which makes it easier for beginners to dive into the course without the fear of not understanding. Another great advantage of this website is that they simplify complex topics like automating common and basic tasks with actions and the alpha channels with the visual guide which makes it easy to follow and understand.

Tuts+ - Link


This site contains beyond the basics of photoshop and it allows you to learn the advanced techniques you will need in accomplishing creative goals in photoshop like creating realistic mock-ups and many others. Although there are premium contents on the website, there are also a number of free contents on the website will make a very good place to access both tutorials and design resources.

The tutorials on this website are not unnecessarily lengthy but are sized in a way that it creates focus on particular topics and techniques of photoshop. Also, in addition to the various and diverse topics of contents on the website like typography and color correction, other several tutorials focused on the fundamental knowledge of digital images, such as image compression, image file types. And this is a priceless asset to a novice in photoshop.

Udemy - Link


Udemy is a very wide place to learning a different kind of things with their huge collection of courses and career path which is very broad. The courses on Udemy are either paid or free and most often depends on the instructors and for the paid one there are coupons that will allow you to access them for free or at a discounted price. On Udemy, However, there are free courses that are centered on photoshop and many of them are to allow beginners to kick start their career as a user of photoshop and these courses are well-rated in the Udemy community.

A very popular photoshop course on Udemy is the one created by Manfred Werner that totaled over 33 hours and it is spread out to over 153 separate and standalone lectures and this makes one of the most comprehensive and versatile photoshop you will ever take anywhere. This course, however, cost a total of $19 for lifetime access but there are other free options on the website as well.

Digital Tutors - Link

Digital Tutors

This website basically is for whoever is ready to master the advanced techniques and tools in photoshop. The contents on this website are unbeatable and have been tested in many places and many levels. If you are seeking to launch a profitable career into the entertainment and media industry, digital tutors will be the helping hands you need to lift you. They offer a very incredible and sophisticated wide range of tutorials on how to get the most and master photoshop ranging from concept arts to digital painting and other variety of topics.

Moreover, Digital tutors specialize and focus on tutorials that show how photoshop can be the main and primary tool in a very wide creative workflow through their tutorial videos show how photoshop can be combined with other related software for optimum results. Software like Adobe After Effects and others create opportunities for an in-depth workflow and enhancement to the works done on Adobe Photoshop. Access to this website cost $29 per month and this grants access to the entire catalog of courses (like over 2000 courses) on the website and it also has a feature that allows you track your progress and gives you a notification when new videos are being added. - Link

One of the amazing and best places to see great and professional contents is it is a recommended place for anyone that wants to take learning photoshop seriously and this due to their level of professionalism and organization. Being a subsidiary of LinkedIn, the level of organization seen there is expected and it makes learning there more like attending a design institution.

It covers a very wide range of tutorial catalog and the diverse selection of topics on the site is very amazing. The courses offered on this site are a variety of project-based and in-depth tutorials which makes it a very ideal place for the intermediate users of photoshop to advance their skills to the very next level.

Access to this website costs $25 and it is one of the cheapest you will see around though you might be required to pay more to access some other features on the website like offline viewing and access to the project files.


Best Places to Learn Photoshop for Free
Best Places to Learn Photoshop for Free

These are the list of the places you can learn photoshop for free or at a very cheap price. And you will agree with me that photoshop is a very great skill to have in the century. However, in case you need a complete crash course of like 13 hours introduction to Photoshop, you can get it here

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