National Center for Technology Innovation

About the Conference

2007 Technology Innovators Conference
November 15-16, 2007, Washington, DC

NCTI welcomes innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers making advances in assistive and learning technology for all students to Washington, DC, on November 15–16, 2007, for its Innovators Conference. Join leaders in the field to:

  • Network with key technology leaders.
  • Find partners for collaboration.
  • Learn about trends and best practices in technology.

Keynote Speaker

This year’s keynote presentation will be given by Jim Fruchterman, Chairman and Founder of Benetech and a 2006 MacArthur Foundation Fellow. View the conference agenda.

Selected Themed Panels and Discussions

Participants will attend informative sessions on topics including:

  • Social Networking: Where the Action Is
  • Speaking Out on the Effectiveness of Research Regarding Assistive and Learning Technology
  • Trends in Wireless and Portable Assistive Technology
  • Commercialization: From Research to Market Reality

Go to the conference agenda for the comprehensive listing of exciting speakers and panelists.

Innovators Marketplace

The Innovators Marketplace will premiere on Friday November 16, 2007, co-sponsored with Synconium Partners, LLC, the first venture capital fund to promote innovative assistive technology and services. This event offers the opportunity to share ideas with venture capitalists, public and private grant makers, and public policymakers as they examine ways to establish priorities for R&D, shape the market, increase demand for products, and monetize innovation.

Technology Expo

The Technology Expo is an opportunity to showcase innovative technology and connect with key leaders in the assistive and learning technology field from industry, academia, policymakers, and the media.


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