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Breakthrough Teaching and Learning: How Educational and Assistive Technologies are Driving Innovation

Tracy Gray, NCTI Director, and Heidi Silver-Pacuilla, Deputy, are editors of a newly released book featuring presentations made at the 2009 Technology Innovators Conference. Thank you to our distinguished contributors for working with us on this exciting compilation of emerging and best practices for innovative technology in education.


Table of Contents

Introduction by Chris Dede

Chapter 1. Converging Trends in Educational and Assistive Technology, T. Gray, H. Silver-Pacuilla, A. Brann, C. Overton, & R. Reynolds

Chapter 2. The Power of Social Networking for Professional Development, E. Bonsignore, D. Hansen, A. Galyardt, T. Aleahmad, & S. Hargadon

Chapter 3. What Technology Can Learn from the Brain, D. Rose & S. Lapinski

Chapter 4. Potential of Social Media for Students with Disabilities, Y. Zhao & W. Qiu

Chapter 5. Exergaming Gets Kids Moving, S. Yang & J. Foley

Chapter 6. Personalizing Assessment, M. Russell

Chapter 7. Exploring the Minds of Innovators, H. Silver-Pacuilla, T. Gray, & E. Morrison

*Available for order from Springer. Book Order Form*

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